15 Best AppValley Alternatives – [Similar Apps 2024]

The Best Alternative App Stores for AppValley(Apps Like) on iOS Devices: With third-party apps being introduced for iOS, app store alternatives have also come up. AppValley is a well-known name among these and is an awesome app store for getting third-party apps on iOS.

Alternate third-party apps for AppValley on iOS
Best alternative AppStores for AppValley

It has a tremendous collection of apps and games that can be downloaded without jailbreaking your iDevice. AppValley, however, got revoked by the Apple system and hence, you cannot access the apps anymore.  Thousands of users are confused about which source to rely on to get third-party apps.

Considering this, we have come up with a list of app installers similar to AppValley. They include TutuApp, TweakBox, Emus4u, Panda Helper, Ignition, AppEven, CokernutX, TopStore, and PixiStore. Do try out these app stores on iOS. Visit this link to learn more about AppValley, Download the AppValley App on iOS, Android & PC (Official) which is working now.


AppValley Alternative – Similar App Installers

  • Scarlet App

This is the best sideloading process in recent times. You just have to have one IPA file, and that drags that to the scarlet installer. Your favorite app or game will get installed on your iOS device in a couple of minutes. If you have faced any revoking issues with any third-party app stores, then this Sideloading installer is the best one for you. Download the Scarlet App from https://usescarletapp.com/ and enjoy the unlimited apps and games.

Scarlet App Installer

  • TutuApp

TutuApp offers fast and safe installation of third-party apps. You can get them for free and in the best quality on iOS. There are no revokes as TutuApp Lite is specially designed to ensure safety. You can install modded apps and games without voiding the warranty using TutuApp. Go to the provided URL to install TutuApp on iOS(https://tutuapp-apk.org/).

TuTuApp is the best alternative to AppValley

Follow this link to learn more about TuTuApp TuTuApp Lite for iOS (iPhone & iPad) – LATEST.

  • TweakBox

TweakBox App is one of the similar apps like AppValley. TweakBox is the most downloaded app store alternative that provides an immense library of tweaked and hacked apps, games, etc on iOS. They provide a safe platform to get all your desired apps for free. You can customize your devices easily by installing the right apps from TweakBox. There are many more to explore in this app store. Download TweakBox App from here(https://tweakbox-download.com/).

TweakBox - Similar App like AppValley

To know how to install and use TweakBox open this link Download TweakBox on iOS for Free – [OFFICIAL].

  • Emus4u

If you are searching for the safest way to get emulators for iOS, then Emus4u is all you need. This app installer has a database that consists mainly of emulators. It also provides third-party apps and games. Emus4u has an in-built cleaner using which you can easily delete cache and other unwanted files if the storage space is very limited. You can install Emus4u from this link(https://emus4u-app.com/).

Emus4u - AppValley Alternative
  • Panda Helper

Panda Helper is a great app store to provides you with games from different device platforms. You can find several game emulators using this app store. They give you games even from the old game consoles like Nintendo, GBA, NDS, etc. You can play them online or download them onto your iOS. Panda Helper is one of the safest alternatives to the AppValley App. Get Panda Helper using the URL provided(https://pandahelperdownload.com/).

Panda Helper VIP Free - AppValley Alternative
Panda Helper
  • Ignition App

If you wish to get all the functions of a jailbroken iOS device without actually performing it, then there are many semi-untethered jailbreak apps. To find the best jailbreak app collection and to get them safely, Ignition is the preferred source. It is the number one Cydia alternative for iOS. You can install Ignition from this link(https://ignitionapp.fun/).

Ignition Apps Store - AppValley Similar Store

Know how to download and use Ignition on Android Ignition APK Download on Android (Official).

  • AppEven

AppEven does not have an impressive database. However, the performance shown by the app store is amazing. Apps and games are still being included on AppEven as it is a new app installer. It shows a high download speed. You can get third-party apps within minutes using AppEven: (https://appevendownloads.com/).

  • CokernutX

CokernutX is the most compatible app store for iOS. There is an enormous library of modded and hacked apps and games in this app installer. These can be accessed easily with its excellent user interface. All the apps can be downloaded without bugs using CokernutX. You can now download CokernutX on iOS using the source provided(https://www.cokernutxapp.com/).

CokernutX Store Alternative to AppValley

Visit this link to learn how to make use of this app: CokernutX APK Download on Android (OFFICIAL).

  • TopStore

TopStore is a newly introduced app installer, similar application to AppValley, and offers a great range of ++ and modded versions of apps. Even though the inventory is small, it ensures that there are no errors in the apps. It is a small app that does not take up much space from the device storage. You can install TopStore from the trusted link given here(https://topstorevipapp.com/).

TopStore Similar App to AppValley
  • PixiStore

PixiStore makes use of a Unique User ID that is assigned to every device to get third-party apps and games. There is no way that PixiStore or the apps installed from it will ever get revoked. You can safely download third-party apps with this app store. Here is the download link for PixiStore(https://pixistore.com/)

  • iOSEmus

iOSEmus app installer is one of the finest replacements for the AppValley application. If you are the kind of a guy who likes a very simple User Interface with limited but useful applications, Then iOSEmus Installer is what you are looking for. As same as other third-party app stores, we can download all third-party applications, games, and paid applications for free with this iOSEmus Store.

iOSEmus App
iOSEmus App
  •  TrollStore

TrollStore is an application that is primarily used to install modded apps and games on your iOS device. The TrollStore eradicates the need to jailbreak the iOS device for the sake of installing the modded apps. You can also manage the files on your iOS device using the TrollStore application. This application is mostly installed on a PC.

AppValley Best Alternative - TrollStore IPA Installer

It works with all versions of iOS devices like iPhone 4S, 5, 6, 7, and X. Other features of this app include managing files, checking the battery backup of your device, and downloading songs and ringtones. All the premium iOS apps are available for free in the TrollStore application.

Use TrollStore to get rid of App Revokes on iPhone Best IPA App Installer for iOS [#NO REVOKES].

  • AppCake

AppCake Appstore for free on iPhone

AppCake is a third-party app store from where you can download and install all the premium modded apps for free. You need not jailbreak your iOS device to install the cracked/modded apps. AppCake has a huge collection of unofficial apps that are not even available in the other third-party app stores. You can download your favorite apps and games in the .ipa extension and install them on your iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone. All the premium apps can be installed for free using an enterprise development profile. Most of the games, apps, and tweaks available in the AppCake app are completely ad-free. AppCake is completely safe and supports the latest iOS version 14. [https://iphonecake.com/]

  • TweakDoor:


TweakDoor is a self-signing application that helps the installation of IPA files directly into your iOS device without xCode. All you need to do is import the TweakDoor file into your iOS device and tap on install. Once installed you can install other modded apps, and tweaks in your iOS device which works without the need to jailbreak the iOS device. You can also install Cydia apps like iTransmission, Kodi, Moviebox, etc.

TweakDoor Appstore for iOS - AppValley Alternative
TweakDoor third-party AppStore for iOS

You can integrate the AppCake application with TweakDoor if you have the premium version of TweakDoor. TweakDoor works both on non-jailbroken devices and jailbroken devices. If you are installing TweakDoor on a jailbroken device installation will be fast since the apps are installed without resigning. 

TweakDoor is another great alternative for AppValley, To know how to install and use follow this link: TweakDoor App Store iOS – (Download Links).

  • Aptoide

Aptoide Appstore for iOS

Aptoide is a third-party marketplace for Android apps. You can get any apps you like in Aptoide. Cracked mobile apps, tweaks, and premium apps are mostly installed on Android devices using Aptoide. You can use aptoide app store for only Android devices such as mobile phones and tablets. In devices like smartTV, you can use the Aptoide TV to install apps. A special Aptoide app version called Aptoide Kids is available to use on kid’s devices. Kids can safely install apps for their devices using Aptoide Kids. Aptoide is completely safe to install on your devices and is currently used by over 200 million users worldwide. [https://en.aptoide.com/].

To install and refresh apps on iPhone directly (without using a PC) from Altstore Read this article: AltDaemon | AltStore Brings On Device App Signing for Jailbroken Devices.

  • iOS Haven Store

If you are looking to download an app for your iOS device that is not available in the app store for some reason then it is recommended to use the iOS Haven Store app store to download the app. Apps that are not eligible to be listed in the official app stores will be available in the iOS Haven app. The iOS Haven Store app is 100% safe to install on your iOS device.

iOS Haven AppStore on iPhone
iOS Haven AppStore on iPhone

iOS Haven is developed by English programmers, where you can get all the paid apps in the app store for free. Also whenever an update for the installed apps is available you can use the iOS Haven app to update the apps installed through iOS Haven.

   Download iOS Haven Store

Download and use AppValley on your Mac: AppValley Companion (Download) on Mac [No Revokes].

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is it possible to get Cydia without jailbreaking iOS?

With AppValley or any of the alternative app stores, you no longer need Cydia on iOS. You can get any third-party app you need without jailbreak.

Q - Which is the best AppValley alternative for Android?

Considering the high performance, great inventory, and safety, TutuApp is the most preferred option for Android.

Q - Are there any similar apps to AppValley for iOS?

Yes, we have provided you with the best app stores similar to AppValley in the preceding section.

Some of the Best Guides of AppValley Store:

WhatsApp++ Download on iOS 

iSpoofer Pokemon Go(PokeGo++) on iOS

Conclusion- The Best Alternatives for AppValley

AppValley provides you with a huge set of third-party apps and games. However, until the revoke is removed, we have to rely on any of the app stores given here. You can get everything that you are looking for in these awesome app installers. They are safe and offer free access to all the apps. You no longer have to consider jailbreaking your iOS.

Thank You.

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