BBM++ on iOS | Download BBM++ on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak

With the rising instinct for people to stay connected through phones, came the introduction of instant messaging apps for smartphones. One of the first messenger to be developed by Blackberry was BBM, which earned popularity across the world. With this comes the demand to make it available not just for Blackberry, but for all Android and iOS devices. BBM++ is a modified version of this app. It lets you text instantly, make calls between your BBM contacts, share photos, videos or any media in no time.

Download BBM++ on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak

It also lets you share documents of any format. It has both voice and video call features so that you can stay close to your family and friends no matter how far they are. The quality of the calls is also amazing. In addition to this, BBM++ for iOS provides you with many features to ensure your privacy. These new features have increased the app usage exponentially.

BBM++ for iOS has a lot more in hand for you. We will discuss this in the coming section. Also, this instant messaging app will need the help of a third party app installer in order to install in iOS devices. For this purpose, we introduce AppValley, which serves you with all kinds of modded and tweaked app for iOS devices. Check out: PPSSPP | Download PPSSPP on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak.

BBM++ for iOS |Features:

BBM++ is a wonderful messenger with a whole lot of amazing features to ensure that you have the best quality of communication. You can send and receive unlimited media files and documents using BBM++ for iOS. The voice and video calls are equally amazing. But there are some features which makes it more interesting than the original version. Let us look at them.

1) It lets you turn off the read and deliver receipts.

2) You can send unlimited files using this app. There are no size restrictions.

3) You have an option for the private chat, where you can set the timer and the messages will be automatically destroyed.

4) Also, you can take the screenshot without notifying the other end in private chats.

5) You can disable typing receipt.

6) Ads that usually appear on BBM can be blocked in the tweaked version.

The apps are available for free. Also, you don’t have to jailbreak the device anymore. In this article, we have given a procedure to install BBM++ for iOS using AppValley. Make sure that you follow this to download the app safely. There are a lot of tweaked apps and games which can be downloaded from AppValley for free, check out the ones given below:

How To Download and Install BBM++ for iOS using AppValley

The modded BBM++ for iOS offers you fast and free instant messaging. You might have already gone through the features and wanted to have this amazing app on your iDevices. You can install them for free on your iDevices using AppValley. The procedure is given below.

1) First, you need to open Safari browser from your iOS device and click here to download AppValley. You will be navigated to the homepage of AppValley website, where you will find the Install option. On clicking this, the download process will begin.

2) Once you are done, go to Settings. Look for Profile & Device Management option and trust AppValley from this.

3) Now you can open AppValley. On the search bar at the top, type BBM++.

4) Search results will return the app details along with an Install option. Click on it and wait for the app to install. This may take some time.

5) Once the installation is complete, again you need to go back to the Settings of your device. Tap on Profile & Device Management option and then trust BBM++.

Check Out: How to Remove/Uninstall AppValley Developer Profile from Settings (GUIDE).

BBM++ for iOS (iPhone/iPad) using AppValley

BBM++ for iOS has an amazing user interface which makes it unique and hence is preferred by thousands of users. It is fat and ensures privacy, as no one can peep into your chats anymore. AppValley offers you many such modded, tweaked and paid apps for free. Make sure you make the best out of this app installer. With AppValley for iOS, the jailbreak is not even an option. That’s all for you. If you have any queries, do let us know.

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