AirShou | Download AirShou Screen Recorder on iOS(iPhone/iPad) [AppValley]

Often, you must have felt the need of recording your iPhone/iPad screen. It could be for making a tutorial or for simply sharing your gameplay with your friends. However, as common it might seem, screen recording doesn’t come as a default feature on iOS. Hence, you require relying on external applications to get the functionality. Speaking about screen recording applications, AirShou is one of the most popular screen recording applications in iOS. The beauty of the application is that it is completely free to download and use. Moreover, even it is a 3rd party application, you don’t require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad in order to install AirShou.

airshou cover
Download AirShou Screen Recorder on iOS(iPhone/iPad) [AppValley]
You can easily download and install AirShou from 3rd party App Stores. We recommend AppValley for the purpose as AppValley has got tons of other 3rd party iOS applications which could be useful to you. None of the 3rd party App Stores has got an inventory as big as AppValley.

In this post, we are going to share the steps to download and install AirShou Screen Recorder from AppValley onto iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. Check this: Download WhatsApp++ for iOS Without Jailbreak (Using AppValley).

AirShou Screen Recorder for iOS 12.2, 12.1 and iOS 12+ | Features

Before we move on to the download and installation steps of AirShou, it is mandatory for you to know about the features of the application. AirShou, indeed, packs in a good deal of features to make screen recording an impressive experience.

  • With AirShou, you can record your iPhone/iPad screen in high definition up to 60 frames per second.
  • The coolest thing is that it provides stereo sound as the output for the recording.
  • AirShou is a completely free application and doesn’t come with any in-app purchases or hidden costs.
  • The application though has its fair share of advertisements but they are in no way annoying or disturbing.
  • It takes up very less space on your iOS device and has got pretty easy to use interface.

Moving on to the download and installation part, below are the steps to download and install AirShou from AppValley on your iPhone/iPad and works fine on  iOS 12.2, 12.1 and iOS 12+ devices.

Install AirShou from AppValley on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak [STEPS]

  • As a first, please navigate here  from Safari Browser to download and install AppValley on your iOS device.

Install AppValley for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  • When the webpage loads up, scroll down and you will see a button titled as ‘Install AppValley.’
  • Tap on it and you will receive a popup that the webpage wants to open ‘Settings’ on your iOS device for profile installation. Press ‘Yes’ to confirm.

Have you tried the latest AppValley 2.0? You Can simply download it using below given link for free!!


  • A profile installation screen will come up in front of you. Tap on ‘Install’ from the top-right corner.
  • Cool! Within a few minutes, you can locate the icon of AppValley present on the home screen of your iOS device. Prior to launching the application please do trust its profile.

install airshou using appvalley

  • Launch AppValley and an interface similar to the official App Store will greet you. Search for ‘AirShou’ and tap on the search result to go to the AirShou
  • Tap on ‘Get’ to initiate the installation process of AirShou on iPhone/iPad.
  • Once the application installs successfully, don’t forget to trust its profile prior to launching.

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Download and Install AirShou Screen Recording App on iOS using AppValley

So, these are the steps to download and install AirShou on iPhone/iPad using AppValley. If you face any issues during the process or have any questions to ask, please feel free to put them down in the comments section provided below. We are always happy to help you.

AppValley on iPhone/iPad: Download AppValley for iOS No Jailbreak

The official iOS App Store houses millions of apps, from every category, games and utilities alike. You can download any number of apps for free from the App Store, so long it’s compatible with your device. But not apps that you find on App Store are free. Some apps are categorized as paid. You need to buy these apps to install them on your device. Moreover, on the App Store, you can’t find the tweaked or cracked versions of apps, due to which people jailbreak their iOS device. We are here to talk about an amazing third party installer called AppValley and here we are talking on How to Install AppValley on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak.

AppValley for iPhone/iPad
AppValley Download for iOS Without Jailbreak

Jailbreaking has become very popular among iPhone users even though Apple doesn’t recommend it. The reason that some iPhone users still jailbreak their devices is that they can install modified or tweaked apps on their iPhone after Jailbreaking. Still, the people who actually jailbreak their device are in the minority. Majority of iPhone users don’t jailbreak their devices. But even though they don’t jailbreak their device, they still wish to download and try paid/tweaked apps for free. So, these users can instead use AppValley, a good alternative to installing these apps on your iOS device for free.

Download AppValley on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak | Features

AppValley is a  mobile app installer which allows you to install paid and tweaked versions of apps for free. It is available for both iOS and Android devices but is most prominently helpful in case of iOS. This is because, in Android, there are other apps that could do the same task.

In iOS too there are several same apps, like TweakBox, Cydia, iNoCydia, etc. but they aren’t that useful. While some of them require a jailbreak, others don’t have much apps or tweaks. Moreover, there are few that fail to provide regular updates of certain apps, so, AppValley is the best option. If your goal for jailbreak your device is to install paid or modified versions of apps, then you can use AppValley. When it comes to installer apps, then AppValley is in the league of its own. Its app database is larger than other similar apps and it performs wonderfully in comparison. We have tested out AppValley in the following versions of iOS and worked perfectly iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 11.1, iOS 11.3, 11.4, 11.3.1, iOS 10.3.3,10.3, 10.3.2, iOS 10.3, 10.2, iOS 10.2.1, 10.2.2, 10.1, iOS 9+ Below are some of the best features of AppValley for iOS.

No jailbreak download – You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad to install apps through AppValley for iOS. AppValley for iOS can work without a jailbreak.

Download apps for free – All the apps available at Latest AppValley without Jailbreak are free. You can also install certain apps for free that are paid on the official App Store.

A huge number of apps – AppValley VIP has a huge database and you can absolutely find any kind of app you want in one place. You don’t need to install different installer for specifically for games or other apps.

Clean interface – AppValley 2.0 has a clean, sleek, and user-friendly interface and anyone can easily navigate through the app to download their favorite apps.

Reliability – Several developers across the world are constantly fixing any bugs that users might encounter. Their efforts have made AppValley relatively free from bugs and errors.

Security – Apps on Updated AppValley VIP have gone through a number of security tests to ensure that they are free from malware or viruses.

Update notifications – Whenever an update for an app is available, you will receive a  notification automatically. You don’t need to manually heck updates for the apps that you downloaded.

Faster downloads – Apps can be downloaded at a faster speed from AppValley VIP due to its lightning fast download servers. If you have a good internet connection, the apps will download in less time than from others installer apps.


File NameAppValley | AppValley VIP
Recent Update30th July 2018
SizeConfig File
CompatibilityiOS 9+, iOS 10+, iOS 11+, iOS 12+

AppValley 2.0 is one of the best installer apps for iOS. Some of these alternatives are Cydia, TweakBox, TutuApp, Hip Store, iNoCydia etc. Cydia and TweakBox are one of the greatest competitors of AppValley VIP, but they require a jailbreak to work. As AppValley is specifically made for those users who don’t want to jailbreak their devices. Other reasons why AppValley is better than other installers are –

  • AppValley doesn’t show any ads to the users while other installers like TweakBox have irritating ads.
  • AppValley is regularly updated with new features whereas other installers aren’t maintained like AppValley.

Download Apk Update(Android): Download Latest AppValley 2.0 Apk on Android Mobiles/Tablets.

How To Download AppValley VIP Free for iOS on your iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak [Steps]

Step 1: Launch Safari Browser on your iOS device and go to [Download AppValley 2.0 for iOS].

or Get it from here(direct updated link).

AppValley VIP download
Go to the homepage and click Install AppValley

Step 2: Now, tap on “Install AppValley” button at the AppValley homepage. On the confirmation prompt, tap on Install button.

Latest AppValley for iOS
Hit on Install button to install AppValley

Step 3: Go back to home screen and wait for AppValley to download and install.

download appvalley vip free
AppValley icon will be displayed on HomeScreen

Step 4: After installation is complete, tap on the AppValley app icon to open it. You will receive an “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” message on tapping it.

download appvalley 2.0
Hit cancel and continue

Step 5: Make note of developer’s name and press Cancel. Now, go to Settings and then navigate to General > Profiles & Device Management in Settings.

AppValley for iPhone/iPad
Click on the Profiles and Device Management

Step 7: Next, tap on the AppValley’s developer profile and then at the next page click Trust at the developer’s name.

download updated appvalley
trust the profile and continue

Step 8: Again tap Trust at the confirmation prompt. That’s it. You have successfully installed AppValley on your iOS device.

download appvalley for free
AppValley will be installed on your device

Now you just need to open AppValley and then search for the app you want to download and hit the install button. The app will install as it would normally from the App Store.

for PC Downloads: Get AppValley App on Windows 10/8/8.1 or Windows 7/XP/Mac PC/Laptop.

Download and Install Latest AppValley APK on iOS Devices without Jailbreak (iPhone/iPad)

This is how you install AppValley on your iOS device. We hope that you will be able to successfully Install AppValley VIP on your iPhone/iPad following this guide.

AppValley 2.0 allows you to install apps that are paid on the App Store for free. You can install any type of app from AppValley, like games, media apps, themes, tweaked and cracked apps. Moreover, you also don’t need to jailbreak your device for installing these apps. AppValley is a secure and reliable mobile installer app that is one of the best alternatives to App Store.