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If you ask me to suggest the best app to watch movies, live TV channels, and web series for free without paying a dime then I would 100% suggest you the Cinema HD app. Cinema HD app has good quality streaming links for all the movies that are released recently. You can also watch movies and TV channels that are not telecasted or allowed in your country.

Cinema HD doesn’t geo restricts content. To give the best experience to the users, Cinema HD has removed all the ads from their app. All the contents in the app are ad-free.

Cinema HD app is completely compatible with all the iOS versions and iPhone models. Though it is not available in the app store, you can install the Cinema HD app without jailbreaking your device. Check Out: YouTube++ on iOS.


Cinema HD App on iOS | Features:

Cinema HD app has a lot many features which other streaming apps don’t have. We have some of the important features of the Cinema HD app that makes it stand out from the other streaming apps.

  • 100% Free to stream: All the movies, TV shows, Web Series available in the Cinema HD app are free to stream. You need not pay or subscribe to the service.
  • Frequently updated: The movie library of the Cinema HD app is frequently updated by the developers. Streaming links for new movies, shows, and web series episodes are updated from time to time. Even if you log in daily you will always have sometime news to watch.
  • Watch movies offline: You can download your favorite movies to your local device to watch them offline when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Pre-downloaded subtitles: All the movies in the Cinema HD app comes with pre-downloaded subtitles. You need not download the subtitles separately and add them to the streaming link.
  • Integrate with third-party video players: Cinema HD app has a pre-built video player which has all the features to play the streaming link with subtitles. But if you need more features you can simply connect either VLC or MX player to play the movies.

Install Cinema HD app on iOS using AppValley

To install the apps that are not officially available in the app store, you have to install a third-party app store first. Third-party app stores are just like the official ones but they are used to install modded apps and premium apps for free. AppValley is one such third-party app store that you can use to download and install the Cinema HD app on your iOS device. Below are the steps to use AppValley to install the Cinema HD app.

  • To install AppValley, you need the configuration profile. Download the AppValley configuration profile from the trusted official website.

   AppValley on iOS

  • After installing the AppValley configuration file, go to your phone settings.
  • There choose the Profile downloaded option. There you can see the downloaded AppValley config profile.

appvalley on iOS

  • Tap on the AppValley configuration profile to start the installation of AppValley.
  • The device will demand the passcode before proceeding to the installation. Type in your passcode and the AppValley will the installed.
  • Now launch the AppValley app and type “Cinema HD app” in the search bar.


  • The first result will be the Cinema HD app. Click on the GET button near the Cinema HD app.

You can go to the link given below and install Cinema HD on iOS with a Single Click

   Cinema HD on iOS

  • Before opening the Cinema HD app, go to Settings. Then open Profile and Device Management. There tap on the “Trust” button near the Cinema HD app.


  • Now launch the Cinema HD app on your iPhone and start streaming your favorite shows or movies.

Best Cinema HD Alternatives on iOS

Cinema HD is one such application that allows you to stream unlimited movies and TV series in HD quality. But sometimes, it do miss out some important content or maybe it lacks the features you are looking for. Here is a list of best alternatives for Cinema HD app.


BeeTV has been a trending streaming application since a long time. It has great features that allow users to enjoy watching movies, TV shows, etc. online for free. Ensure to give it a try. They even have Anime category for all the anime lovers.

CyberFlix TV

As the name suggests, this application allows you to stream all the TV shows including movies and web series at one place. It can surely help you binge-watch all the episodes at one go. The speciality is indeed serving the best to the best.

Morph TV

The interface of Morph TV sometimes coincide with that of Cinema HD application. So to feel the similarity yet an elegant change in the application’s usage, Morph TV is one great alternative for Cinema HD.

Titanium TV

It is one of the most renowned application for streaming. You can watch your favourite content online using Titanium TV all the time.

Cinema HD on iOS | FAQs

Q - Should I use a VPN app to watch movies in the Cinema HD app?

No, you need not. You can directly stream all the contents in the app without the use of a proxy or VPN app. But if you are planning to download the movie/TV series/Web series and share it with your friends then it is necessary to use a good paid VPN to avoid being detected.

Q - Why do I get an “Unknown Enterprise Developer” error while launching the Cinema HD app?

If you have not enabled “Trust” on the Cinema HD app in settings then you will get this error. To stop the error, tap on the Trust button near the Cinema HD app in Settings -> Device and Profile Management.

Check this out:

Download Cinema HD App on iOS [AppValley]

These are the steps to download and install the Cinema HD app on your iOS device. If you have doubts regarding the installing do let us know in the comments below. We will help you with the installation.

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