Delta Emulator iOS Download on iPhone/iPad [OFFICIAL]

There are many game consoles like PS, SNES, GBA, etc that have offered a great variety of games. These retro games were everyone’s favourite and no other new games could ever replace them. If you want to get these games on your iOS for free, all you need is a Delta emulator for iOS.

Download Delta Emulator on iOS on iPhone/iPad

This is an awesome emulator with which you can access any old games that you like. It is a safe emulator and does not interfere with the functioning of your iDevice. Along with offering a huge database, the Delta emulator lets you access them for free and without jailbreaking your iOS device. You can see more features in the next section.

In order to download Delta Emulator on iOS, you will require a third-party app installer. We suggest that you use AppValley. It provides you with modded apps, emulators, etc for iOS without having to jailbreak your device. You can refer to the instructions given in this article to download the Delta emulator using AppValley. Check Now: WhatsApp++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) & UPDATED.


Delta Emulator on iOS |  Features:

Delta emulator is the best emulator that gives you access to all the classic games you always wanted to play. Look at the features given below to know more.

  •  offers the largest database of retro and classic games that can be played online.
  •  It also enables you to download the games.
  • The emulator shows amazing performance and speed.
  • It lets you connect with your contacts, challenge them and play multi-player games, etc.
  • It supports around 18 game consoles including GBA, PS, SNES, etc.

Delta Emulator on iOS [INFO]

App NameDelta Emulator
App Size10.8 MB
CategoriesPaid Apps

Delta emulator is the fastest and safest emulator for iOS. You can download it easily and without paying a single penny, you can get access to hundreds of games.

How To Install Delta Emulator on iOS using AppValley

Delta emulator can be downloaded without jailbreak on iOS. The emulator offers hundreds of games for free. You can download the Delta emulator using AppValley.

  • The initial step is to go to the Safari Browser and open the URL provided below to  Download Latest Updated AppValley.

   AppValley iOS

Alternative Link 1:

   Direct Download Link 1

Alternative Link 2:

   Direct Download Link 2

Use Safari Browser though to do the clean installation of the Delta Emulator on iOS.

  •  You will be navigated to the download page where you will find an Install button which you need to click. AppValley will be downloaded shortly.
  •  Now you need to open the Settings. Scroll down and look for Profile & Device Management. You need to turn on the Trust AppValley option.
  • AppValley can be opened on your iOS. On the search bar, look for Delta Emulator.

Delta Emulator on iOS download

  • An Install option can be seen next to the app. You need to click on it to begin the download process.

Install Delta Emulator on iOS using AppValley

  • Once the installation is complete, you are required to hover over Settings and click on Profile & Device Management. From this, you need to enable the Trust Delta Emulator option.

Download Delta Emulator using Altstore on iOS

  • First of all Launch the Safari browser and you need to download the IPA File of Delta Emulator.
  • Now you have to launch AltStore on your device, if you don’t have Altstore on your device, follow the link given below to download.

   Download AltStore

  • Now just Tap the + sign in the top right corner
  • Now you will get a list of downloaded IPAs and click on Delta Emulator.
  • If you are using Altstore for the first time, just enter the credentials and continue using it.

  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Now the App icon will appear and launch the Delta Emulator from there.

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Best Delta Emulator Alternatives on iOS

Delta emulator is out-fronting a great range of emulations to games and other features that are not usually available on iOS. The best emulation that people love is the GameBoy emulation. This makes them go back to their old times. But all applications have some limit right? Delta Emulator also have some. Here are the best alternatives of Delta Emulator that you are looking up for.


One of the best old and overall great emulation application that exists. It’s an open source project that allows user to play a wide-range of games and other emulations for free with best graphics.


As the name suggests, this application is just a great emulator for GameBoy Advance. You can stay relying on this application for your gaming needs. As this application solely focus to provide best experience all the go.


There are just a few countable emulators that are available on the set for emulation of games on iOS, VGBANext is one of them. You can totally rely on this application for your gaming need. It is an advance emulating software that enhance your GameBoy Advance emulation experience on-game.

My Boy!

It happens a lot of times that you want to add additional plugins and features in your emulation experience. My Boy! Is one such application that allows you to add third-party sources (shader pack is the best) to your GameBoy Advance gaming emulation. We recommend using only trusted source to do so.


Q - What is the DELTA EMULATOR emulator?

DELTA EMULATOR for iOS is a game emulator that provides you with hundreds of games from the old game consoles like Nintendo, GBA, PS, etc. You can find a huge collection of retro and classic games in this emulator. You can play them online or download them onto your iOS devices for free. You can enjoy playing games without limits using DELTA EMULATOR emulator iOS.

Q - Is the DELTA EMULATOR emulator safe to download?

Of course, DELTA EMULATOR is completely safe to download. The emulator can be downloaded for free and without jailbreak from a trusted third-party source. DELTA EMULATOR iOS is with zero errors and hence, you can enjoy retro games without worrying about your device safety.

Q - Are all the games free in DELTA EMULATOR?

Yes, you can play games in the database of the DELTA EMULATOR emulator for free. Even the paid games are available for free with DELTA EMULATOR on iOS.

Q - How do get games using the DELTA EMULATOR emulator on iOS?

DELTA EMULATOR for iOS has a lot of games in its inventory. You will get the ROM files of the games from the emulator. All you have to do is to download and install them on your iOS.

Install Delta Emulator on iOS using AppValley – Conclusion

You have successfully Downloaded Delta Emulator on iOS. You can open the app and start playing a great variety of games. Hope this was helpful and if you face any issues while downloading the app, do let us know.

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