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Dragon Ball Z, as an anime series, has accomplished several feats in the relative field. Being one of the most-watched anime series all over the globe, a plenitude of games have been developed on the series. Out of all the games, the one which is ruling the charts is Dragon Ball Legends.

If you have played or are currently playing Dragon Ball Legends, you must know that the game gets harder as you progress through various levels. To assist you in accomplishing all the levels, we are going to talk about Dragon Ball Legends Hack in this post. Check out: Happy Chick Emulator on iOS with AppValley VIP.

Dragon Ball Legends Hack | Features:

The hacked version of Dragon Ball Legends brings with it a set of amazing features that are not present in the original version.

  • One-Hit Kill
  • Disable attacks from the enemy
  • No Swap/No Vanish cool down
  • No Ki Cost

For those who are playing Dragon Ball Legends on iOS, it is not hard to understand that the above mentioned additional features will go a long way in helping you become the top player of the game.

App NameDragon Ball Legends Hack
Size180.32 MB
Version v4.3
Last Update13th June 2020

Download Dragon Ball Legends Hack [AppValley]

Those who aspire to download the Dragon Ball Legends Hack on iPhone/iPad have to install AppValley on iOS. AppValley is a third-party app installer that gives you access to hacked apps and games that are not available on the official App Store.

Please click here to download and install AppValley on iOS.

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Install Dragon Ball Legends Hack on iOS

  • Launch AppValley.
  • Go to the ‘Search’ section and type ‘Dragon Ball Legends’ in the search bar.
  • Tap on the search result.

Dragon Ball Legendz

  • From the app detail screen hit ‘Get’ to download and install Dragon Ball Legends hack on iPhone.

Download Dragon Ball Legendz Hack

  • Monitor the installation progress from the home screen.

Install Dragon Ball Z Hack

  • Don’t forget to trust the profile of the hack from Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management prior to launching the same on your iOS device.

You have successfully installed Dragon Ball Legends Hack on iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions – Dragon Ball Legends Hack [FAQs]

  • I don’t have a jailbroken iOS device. Can I install Dragon Ball Legends Hack?

Yes! You don’t require a jailbroken iPhone/iPad for the hack to work. Jailbreak is neither required to use AppValley nor is it mandatory for installing the Dragon Ball Legends hack on iOS.

  • ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ Error – How to fix?

You will get this error if you launch the game immediately post successful installation if you miss performing the step wherein you have to trust the profile of the Dragon Ball Legends hack. Hence, please go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management, locate, and trust the profile of the hack.

  • Will Dragon Ball Legends Hack work with the original game?

Please note that if you wish to download, install, and play the Dragon Ball Legends Hack on iPad/iPhone, you have to uninstall the original version of the game from your iOS device. Without uninstalling the original version, the hacked version won’t work.

  • Is it safe to play Dragon Ball Legends hack?

Yes! It is completely safe to play the hacked version.

  • ‘Profile Verification Failed’ Error – How to fix?

This error means that Apple has revoked the certificate of the Dragon Ball Legends hack installed on your iPhone. Hence, the game crashes upon launching with the ‘Profile Verification Failed’ error. To resolve this issue you need to remove the existing installation and do a fresh installation. If you want to prevent this issue from surfacing again, please use an AntiRevoke service on your iOS device.

Final Words – Dragon Ball Legends Hack on iOS from AppValley

That’s all regarding the Dragon Ball Legends hack on iOS. Please reach out to us via the comments section provided below, if you have any additional questions in mind regarding the hack.

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