2 Ways to Install GeoFilza File Manager on iPhone – FREE

Install GeoFilza for iOS without Jailbreak: If you are searching for the best file manager for your iOS device, then we introduce to you GeoFilza file manager. It is an amazing app that you can use to get access to any files available on your iOS device. It accounts for all the limitations that you face while using your default file manager. With GeoFilza for iOS, you can upgrade your iOS devices as you wish. If you are familiar with modifying files, then you can customize your devices easily. There is no need to jailbreak your device in order to get all the cool features and apps that you always wanted to have on your iOS.

GeoFilza FileManager for iOS Free Download
GeoFilza for iPhone/iPad

GeoFilza file manager is all you need to access your iDevice in every possible way and improve the features within no time. As it is a modded app, you can get it only from a third-party source. The most trusted app installer for your iOS is AppValley, which offers you modded, tweaked apps and games for free and without jailbreak. In this article, we have given a simple way to get GeoFilza for iOS using AppValley.

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GeoFilza on iOS | Features:

There is nothing that you cannot access on your iOS if you have GeoFilza downloaded on your iDevice. It makes managing your files easy and fast. Before going into the download process, let us look at some of the features of GeoFilza for iOS.

  • You can access any file on your iDevice as you wish.
  • Even system files can be read and modified using this app. However, if you are not an expert, please do not modify system files as it may damage your device.
  • Any caches, cookies or obsolete files can be accessed and removed easily.
  • The app can also be used to unzip zipped files. You can also modify them.
  • You can create new files, modify existing files or remove them.
  • Any file that causes damage to the system can be removed using GeoFilza.

More Information About GeoFilza

App NameGeoFilza
OS RequirementiOS 10.0 or Later
License TypeFree

Download FilzaJailed on iPhone for free: FilzaJailed on iOS(iPhone/iPad) – No Jailbreak – AppValley.

Install GeoFilza For Free on iOS using AppValley

GeoFilza file manager is a must-have app for all iOS devices. As we have discussed already, there are many amazing features that this app offers which you cannot find elsewhere. Given below is an easy way to get GeoFilza for iOS without jailbreak using AppValley.

  • The first thing you need to do is to install AppValley on your iOS device. Click the below link and Open the URL only using Safari browser.

  AppValley on iOS

Alternative Download Links For GeoFilza FilaManager

   Alternative Link 1

   Alternative Link 2

   Alternative Link 3

  • You will see an Install option on the home page. Click on it and the download process will begin.
  • Once you have downloaded AppValley, you are required to open Settings. Tap on the Profile & Device Management option and then enable Trust AppValley option.
    download updated WHATSAPP++
    trust the profile and continue
  • Next, you need to open AppValley and search for GeoFilza.
    GeoFilza for iOS - AppValley
    GeoFilza for iOS – AppValley
  • The app along with the Install option will be displayed. Click on Install and the app will start downloading.
    GeoFilza Download on iOS AppValley
    GeoFilza Download on iOS
  • Tap on Install again to confirm it once more time to start the actual installation of GeoFliza on iOS devices with help of AppValley.
    AppValley GeoFliza on iOS
    AppValley GeoFliza on iOS
  • Once it is complete, again go to Settings and enable Trust GeoFilza option from Profile & Device Management.

Install GeoFilza File Manager on iOS with AltStore

  • Download GeoFilza IPA file from the link given below. Click on download button to start downloading.

   Download GeoFilza IPA File

  • Now Open AltStore app on your iPhone.
  • Go to MyApps Section.
  • Tap on + sign on the top-left corner.
  • Tap on Downloaded GeoFilza IPA file.
  • Installation process begins. Enter Apple ID credentials if it asks ( Same credentials with which you have installed AltStore).
  • Installation will complete. Now you can see GeoFilza icon on your Home Screen.

GeoFilza installed on iPhone with Altstore

GeoFilza Download Links

   4K version (iOS 12.1.3-12.2)


   A12 (ZIP)

  V1.2 (ZIP)

  Download GeoFilza for iOS 12 by GeoSn0w (ZIP)

GeoFilza on iPhone | FAQs

Q - Can we access system files of our iOS device using GeoFilza?

Yes, you can access all the files on your iOS device using GeoFilza app including the system files. But it is strongly suggested that you should not attempt to modify or delete the system files which may damage your device and prevent you from using them. So use the GeoFilza carefully and try not to mess with the system files.

Q - Is it possible to delete cookies and cache files using GeoFilza?

Yes, you can. Since GeoFilza allows you to view and modify all the files on your device you can also view and delete all the cache files and cookies from the file system. This will improve the performance of your device. Also, you can identify the obsolete files in the device and have them removed.

Q - What are the dangers of using GeoFilza ?

GeoFilza gives access to entire file system with read and write permissions, by mistake if you delete any important file from your device file system then the only way to recover is to Restore to latest firmware. In due process there is a chance that your device may get Jailbroken. So be cautious while using GeoFilza.

Q - Do I have to jailbreak my device to install GeoFilza ?

No need to jailbreak your phone in order to install GeoFilza but if you mishandled the benefits that comes with GeoFilza, your device may force you to Restore. So it is recommended to keep backup your device before installing GeoFilza

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Conclusion – GeoFilza Free Download For iOS from AppValley

That’s all you have to do to get this GeoFilza on iOS 12+ and iOS 11+ Without Jailbreak. Hope you found this article helpful.

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