Instagram Rhino for iOS Download – [Updated Version]

Do you enjoy socializing on Instagram? It is one of the most used social networking apps right now. However, there are some limitations within the app, isn’t it? Well, now you can get extra features by downloading Instagram Rhino on iOS devices. The app offers privacy options, where you can hide your views from stories and inbox. Also, you will be able to download media from the feed.

Instagram Rhino for iOS Download

There are many additional features to explore in Instagram Rhino for iOS. Since it is a tweaked app, you will need an app store alternative. We recommend users to download AppValley for iOS. This third-party app installer offers mods and tweaks for free on iDevices.

You can safely download Instagram Rhino on iOS using AppValley. A detailed installation procedure is given in this article. Check out: iPlayTV on iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad).


Features | Instagram Rhino

Instagram Rhino comes with a great bunch of features that level up the Instagramming platform. You will enjoy more privacy, downloads, and many more with Instagram Rhino on iOS.

  • You can download photos and videos directly from the feed.
  • All the media contents sent via the inbox can be downloaded onto the device.
  • You can remove the Seen receipt from messages.
  • You can download live videos and stories as well.
  • The profile picture of the users can be viewed.
  • The unlimited timer is enabled on self-destructing media content.
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Last Update 8th March 2022

With the latest Instagram Rhino iOS, you will get to track your followers and check whether a user is following you or not. You can download all the contents including photos, reels, videos, etc from Instagram using this tweak.

How to Download Instagram Rhino on iOS using AppValley

Instagram Rhino is the perfect version of the app that lets you enjoy social networking like never before. You can completely customize your feed and get more settings within the app. With AppValley, you will be able to download Instagram Rhino on iOS devices without jailbreak. You can check out the steps given below to get the app.

  • Open the Safari browser on iOS and visit the link given below.

   AppValley on iOS

  • You will be taken to the download page of AppValley, where you have to tap on Install.
  • AppValley will be downloaded on Ios, after which you need to open the Settings.
  • Open the Profile & Device Management option and find the TutuApp profile to enable the Trust option.
  • Next, open AppValley and find Instagram Rhino for iOS.

search instagram rhino

  • Choose the app and then hit the Get/Install button to download Instagram Rhino.

instagram rhino latest

  • Now, move to Settings, take the Profile & Device Management option, and tap on the Trust option.

instagram rhino latest download

That’s all you have to do. Instagram Rhino for iOS has been successfully installed. Now, you can start exploring your feed and enjoy the additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What does Instagram Rhino offer?

Instagram Rhino for iOS allows you to customize your feed by changing the layouts and looks. You can change your privacy settings, hide views and Seen receipts, and download media files to your iDevice.

Q - Is Instagram Rhino free?

Yes, Instagram Rhino for iOS is completely free of cost. You can enjoy all these additional features by downloading the app from AppValley.

Q - Is it safe to use Instagram Rhino on iOS?

Yes, Instagram Rhino doesn’t require jailbreak and is safe to use on your iOS devices.

Q - Can you download photos from the Instagram feed?

Of course, yes. Instagram Rhino for iOS enables users to download videos, photos, reels, and media contents sent via inbox onto the device.

How to Uninstall Instagram Rhino on iOS

If you want to uninstall the Instagram Rhino and install the original version, follow these steps:

  • Go to your home screen.
  • Go to App Deck.
  • Click and hold the Instagram Rhino.
  • Tap on Delete the Application and continue.
  • Navigate to App Store and Search for  Instagram Rhino.
  • Install the App and have fun.

Best Instagram Alternatives for iOS 

You may have used Instagram and loved it. It is considered as the modern social media platform. Majority of young users have taken on the platform to share their daily updates. But apparently, it doesn’t fulfil some features. If you are looking to use something new, you are at the right place. Here are the best alternatives for Instagram.


Facebook is the oldest social media platform with much to offer. You can use all the amazing features mostly to promote yourself and your business. It is one stop for all your needs. With amazing UI you will never get bored scrolling.


SnapChat was made to privatize your content from majority of your friends and family. The application allow you to just give seconds of view to your messages and make it disappear. The application has streak feature that keeps user active.


Pinterest is another amazing application that allows you to share tons of photos. The application is basically meant to share ideas and concepts on various subjects. So if you love to learn and socialize, Pinterest is your one place to go.


Reddit is another amazing platform that helps you socialize. People share their ideas, news, and various other relative information. You can know about the world by sitting at one place. That is why, Reddit is one of the best alternative for Instagram whatsoever.

It is time to go all bingo on your social life with all these amazing applications.

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Final Words – Download Instagram Rhino on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

With the latest Instagram Rhino on iOS devices, you will be able to enjoy the app like never before. There are many features to explore in the app. Now, you can download Instagram Rhino on iOS safely with the help of AppValley. There are hundreds of tweaked apps and games to discover on AppValley. Make sure that you follow the procedure in this article to download the app easily.

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