iPoGo Pokémon Go Spoofer HACK on iOS (POGO Hack)

There are many applications available that claim will help you to play Pokémon Go MOD from wherever you want and even while sitting or relaxing. However, till now there’s no application as advanced as iPoGo Pokémon Go Spoofer.

Available for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices, iPoGo allows you to teleport/snipe, auto walk, and even comes with a joystick overlay.

Pokemon Go latest hack for iPhone
Pokemon Go Spoofer for iOS

Let us check more about iPoGo Pokémon Go Spoofer iOS in this post. Check out: Adventure Town HACK + MOD on iOS – [ UNLIMITED MONEY FREE ].


iPoGo Pokémon Go Spoofer | Features:

The iPogo Pokémon Go Spoofer allows you to play Pokémon Go irrespective of your location or whether you are walking or not. There are two plans viz Free and VIP. Following is a detailed comparison of both plans for your reference.










Map & S2 Overlay



Nearby Pokémon Overlay






Stats Inventory



Joystick Overlay



Enhanced Throw



Encounter IVYY
Nearby Gym Slot ScannerYY
Jailbreak TweakYY
Built in Virtual Go PlusNY
Auto Go Plus ReconnectNY
One Click Item Bag CleanerNY
Live Feeds OverlayNY
Fast CatchNY
Fast Map LoadingNY
Block Non Shiny EncountersNY
Block Non Shiny Include 100 IVNY
Skip Evolve/Hatch AnimationNY
Auto Transfer on CatchNY
One Hit Team RocketNY

From the above table, you can understand the amazing features that Pokémon Go Spoofer iPogo has to provide. As of now none of the Pokémon Go Spoofing iOS apps have provided such a wide variety of features. Here is the seller info of the same:

Pokemon Go Spoofer Information (iPoGo)

App NameiPOGO Pokemon GO Spoofer
Latest Versionv1.195.0
CategoryTweaked Games
Available OnAppValley

If you are interested in downloading iPoGo on iOS; we have outlined a simple download and installation method for you below.

Why Should You Install Pokemon Go Plus

The main purpose of this Pokemon GO plus is that you don’t need to walk in real-time to play the game. You can also change your location randomly, Name of this hack is Teleportation. By using this Teleportation hack you can play Pokemon Go Comfortably sitting in one place wherever you like. You can manually select your location wherever you want and move your character from there with the help of virtual joystick. You can also set speed limit for your character which can help you move faster and complete tasks like Hatching eggs.

Pokemon Go latest Hack for iPhone

Selecting Hotspots are another cool feature this hack that shows top locations around the world, Just tap on any location name and choose teleport you will be teleported to that location, you can catch some Pokemons also. Auto walk is another cool feature you can use when you are tired of playing game. If you turn on Auto walk you don’t even have to operate through virtual joystick anymore.

Install iPoGo Pokémon Go Spoofer on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

AppValley is a thirdparty App Store from where you can download and install iPoGo Spoofer on your iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. If you don’t have AppValley installed on your iOS device, please check out the below-embedded link for the installation steps.

   AppValley on iOS

After the successful installation of AppValley, please follow the below steps to get iPoGo on iPhone/iPad.

  • Start AppValley on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Directly search for iPoGo in the Search Section.

search pokemon go spoofer

  • Tap on the search result to go to the installation screen.
  • Tap on the Get button. On the pop-up that comes up next, tap on Allow or Install.

click on get pokemon go spoofer

  • Great! Now monitor the installation progress.
  • In less than a minute, you will have iPoGo installed on your iOS device.

click on install pokemon go spoofer

  • Make sure you trust the profile of the application from Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management prior to using it.

Install Pokemon Go’s iPoGoRepo Tweak on Jailbroken iPhone

  • Open Cydia on your iPhone Go to Sources section
  • Click on Add button on top-left corner.
  • Enter https://ipogo.app/repo inside the dialog box.

Installing iPoGo Repo on iPhone (Pokemon GO Hack)

  • Tap on Add Source.
  • Cydia will verify the URL and Update resources.
  • iPogoRepo Tweaked IPA file is successfully installed on your iPhone.

How to Get iPogo VIP Activation Keys For Free

VIP keys are used for unlocking a set of paid features for free. I will mention some sources where you can have an opportunity to grab a VIP key.

  1. YouTube Gaming Communities: Go to YouTube and search if there is any giveaways are going on, by participating in giveaways you may get a VIP key.
  2. Discord Servers: Gamers worldwide use Discord to connect with audience and organize events. From here you can play with professional players and win a chance to earn VIP key.
  3. Facebook Groups: Follow Pokemon go Groups on Facebook and search for giveaways, where the group owners affiliate with esports organisations and announce rewards like free passes.
  4. Reddit Communities: Reddit is one of the most engaging platform for all kinds of people from all over the world. Apart from gaming communities, there will also be hacking communities where you can request people about Pokemon VIP keys.
  5. Twitter: This micro-blogging site is very popular for giveaways. you can follows Topics related to Pokemon Go and you might come across giveaways oftentimes.

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iPoGo Pokémon Go Spoofer iOS | [FAQs]

Q - Is it safe to use iPoGo on my primary Pokémon Go account?

The developers of Pokémon Go MOD don’t want you to jeopardize your primary account. Hence, create an alternate account to use with the Spoofer, and then with the aid and assistance of another device, you can trade your catch with your main account.

Q - What is the difference between teleporting and sniping?

The only difference is that in Sniping, you teleport and catch a Pokémon along with. So, you just enter the coordinates of the Pokémon in the iPoGo application and simply teleport and catch the Pokémon.

Q - Does iPoGo works on iOS 14?

Yes, It will work on iOS 14. Minimum iOS requirements for this Tweaked game is iOS14 + 2GB RAM. iOS 16 Users must enable Developer mode to Install this Tweak.

Q - Is iPoGo compatible with Android ?

iPoGo is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Android 8+, 4GB RAM and a 64Bit OS is Minimum System Requirements for Android users.

Q - What can I Do with Pokemon Go++

With the Pokemon Go++ you can cheat the system and bypass GPS location restrictions. You can also play game from anywhere in the world and Find out Hotspots and Teleport right into hotspots. Auto walk feature is also available.

Q - What is the difference between Pokemon Go+ and Pokemon Go++

Pokemon Go++ is the current working Tweaked version of the Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go Plus is not available. iPoGo is another Modified version of this game but it is not completely free.

Q - How not to get banned using Hack on Pokemon Go ?

You should be cautious especially when you use Teleporting hack. Because your location is changed instantly from one place to another the Niantic's moderation team may get suspicious. Not getting banned cannot be guaranteed, you better remain silent for few hours whenever you teleport to a very long distances. This can help you to some extent.

Q - Is iPoGo and Pokemon Go++ same ?

Both these programs are same in the sense that, which category they belongs to. Both of these apps are recent Tweaked versions of popular game Pokemon Go. But they are developed and operated by different people.

Q - Can Niantic detect location spoofing ?

Modified versions of Pokemon are evolving day by day, so is the Niantic's security measures. If you receive any warnings related to location spoofing or for using any third party applications. You better stop using those hacks until a better version of Tweaks released.

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Final Words – iPoGo Pokémon Go Fake Location Spoofer on iOS

That’s all from our side regarding the most advanced Pokémon Go Spoofer available currently on iOS. Mostly the free version will take care of everything; however, if you wish to upgrade your game, then go ahead with iPoGo VIP version. Let us know about your experience of using iPoGo in the comments section provided below.  

Thank You.

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