Subway Surfers MOD iPhone (UNLIMITED Coins & Keys)

Subway Surfers is one of the best games of all time and needs no introduction. You can choose from a range of characters and swift across amazing places across the globe without getting caught by the policeman and his dog.

Subway Surfers Hack iOS Download

However, upgrading your characters and hoverboards might be time-consuming as you have to collect sufficient coins. This is why you need Subway Surfers Hack for iOS. You can get amazing hacks to kickstart your game and win huge rewards.

Since it is a hacked game, you need a third-party app installer to install Subway Surfers Hack on iOS. AppValley is a great app store to install modded and hacked apps on iOS without jailbreak. You can download Subway Surfers Hack on iOS devices for free using AppValley. Check out this article to know more. Don’t miss this awesome Action game, Hack is completely Free : GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D MOD Download on iOS [HACK]


Subway Surfers Hack | Features:

Subway Surfers Hack allows you to win amazing rewards within the game. You can explore new levels and special hunts within the game in this version. Here are some of the top features of Subway Surfers Hack iOS.

  • The Hack is Free to Download.
  • It is safe to download and install on your device.
  • You can get unlimited coins at the start of the game.
  • Unlimited Keys are also available.
  • Unlocked all the Characters.
  • You have access to all the avatars within the game to start with.
  • There are tons of hoverboards already in stock to access.
  • You can get free headstarts and frequent backpacks all along with the game.
  • The UI is amazing and allows you to run faster.

You can participate in different seasonal hunts such as the easter egg collection and double your rewards. Also, it offers free gift boxes and unlimited keys to run longer.

  • How to get Magnets in Subway Surfers:

Magnets are used to attract gold coins so the character doesn’t have to run over coins. Magnets are randomly available on the way, Character has to run over magnets to collect them. After collecting magnets users don’t have to run for coins, they will be automatically attracted. The magnet’s power is time bounded, the user has to upgrade the magnet points using coins.

  • How to Get Unlimited Coins in Subway Surfers:

Coins are like the main currency of the game, everything is linked to coins. Coins can be collected from the on the way while running. Nobody knows how many coins an individual can collect in a single run, it depends on your skill. Coins can be purchased from the shop, but it is not the ultimate solution because you can only multiply what you collected from the run. Using Subway Surfers Hack is the best way to get Unlimited Coins.

  • How to Get High Scores in Subway Surfers:

How many scores you make depends on how many coins you collect. The more coins you collect the more score you get.

    • Collect magnets to automatically gain coins temporarily.
    • Collect Super sneakers to get a jump boost & collect coins in the air.
    • Collect JetPack and become invincible to all obstacles, Collect bonus coins.
  • Subway Surfers Key Hack:

A key is a tool that can be used to resurrect the surfer and save the game’s progress. The number of keys required to resurrect increases exponentially for every fail. Players can continue the game from where it paused. The key can be obtained from the run, Mystery Boxes and can also be purchased from the Shop. Users can use Subway Surfers Hack if they want Unlimited Keys for free.

  • Get Unlimited Hoverboards in Subway Surfers using Hack

Hoverboard is an in-game item with a special tool available for a limited time. Surfers will be automatically revived from accidents. There are many types of hoverboards available & they can also be purchased with coins. It consumes a lot of time and effort to unlock all hoverboards manually. Those who want to avoid the hard way can try the Hack for free. All the hoverboards can be unlocked at once.

Install Subway Surfers Hack on iOS (iPhone/iPad) 

AppValley offers a wide range of third-party apps and games. Subway Surfers Hack is one of the most popular among them. You can download this hacked version for free by following the steps below.

  • Open the provided link from the Safari browser.


  • Click on Download to get AppValley installed on your iDevice.
  • Upon download, go to Settings and scroll down to Profile and Device Management option.
  • Click on the AppValley profile and turn on the Trust option.
  • Open AppValley and search for Subway Surfers Hack.

search subway surfers hack

  • Select the Get/Install option next to the app.

subway surfers hack get

  • After installation, navigate to Settings, take the Profile and Device Management option and enable Trust for Subway Surfers Hack.

install subway surfers hack

You can open Subway Surfers MOD and enjoy your favourite game without any restrictions. You have unlimited access to all the resources.

Install Subway Surfers Hack on iOS using AltStore

If your device is not jailbroken also, you will be able to install Subway Surfers Hack on your iOS Device using Altstore Method. For that, you have to sideload the IPA using a sideloading tool called AltStore. Before following the below steps, Make sure that you have deleted the original version of

  • First of all, Download and install Altstore on your computer and iOS Device. Click the link given below for the complete guide on the installation of Altstore.

   Download AltStore

  • Now go to the below-given link and download the latest Subway Surfers Hack  IPA file of the same.
  • Once you are done downloading the file, Open Altstore on your device. You will be able to see the tabs section at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the My Apps tab.
  • Now you have to click in the top left corner in order to add a new application. You will get a bunch of files that you have downloaded with your browser and tap on the IPA file you downloaded.
  • AltSore will begin the installation process and will take a few mins to get it done. Once it’s done, it will appear in the My Apps section and open from there.

Now will be installed on your device. You can navigate to the Home screen and launch the same and enjoy the game.

Subway Surfers Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid Collisions:

While running on the track do not move against obstacles until the surfer reaches very close to the object. Even if you touch the object slightly, the surfer’s speed reduces as a result he will get caught by the police.

  • Collect as many coins as possible:

From Scores to Achievements everything is interlinked to coins, so collect coins as many as possible.  If you have enough coins you can equip yourself with better outfits and unlock more characters. Anyway, you can use the hack for unlimited coins, that’s a different thing.

  • Run on Top of Trains:

If you run on tracks more likely to get hit by the trains and barricades. Even if you escape danger, sometimes just a little touch to the objects will reduce the surfer’s speed and get caught by the police. Don’t be in a hurry while jumping from one train to another.

  • Use Super Sneakers Whenever you get a chance:

Super sneakers are very helpful while running, You can jump over almost all the obstacles. Coins that are above ground level can be collected very easily. Mainly, the moving trains are not a danger anymore while wearing super sneakers.

  • Don’t miss Jetpack and Magnet:

Jetpack can make you invincible temporarily, it is like default Godmode. Every coin collected with Jetpack is a bonus. The magnet and Jetpack combination are like a jackpot. Surfer is mostly safe while using Magnet, Jetpack or both because there will be fewer distractions, and all the coins will be automatically attracted. The player can focus on dangers. While using Jetpacks there are literally Zero dangers, All that has to be done is collect as many coins as possible.

  • Use Hoverboards wisely:

Using Hoverboards is really a wise choice because it gives life to the surfer. It is highly recommended to use Hoverboard especially when you are reaching a high score. Even if you fail, your game progress will not be lost. So, using Hovewrboards is the easiest way to beat High Scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is Subway Surfers Hack free?

Yes, Subway Surfers Hack for iOS and its features are completely free of cost.

Q - Is it safe to install Subway Surfers Hack on iOS devices?

Yes, the hacked app requires no jailbreak and doesn’t contain bugs. So, it is totally safe for your device.

Q - Can you get unlimited coins on Subway Surfers?

Download Subway Surfers Hack on iOS by following the above procedure and you can get unlimited coins, keys, hoverboards, etc.

Q - How to access all the characters in Subway Surfers for free?

You can access all the characters for free by downloading Subway Surfers Hack on iOS.

Q - What is the use of Subway Surfers Hack ?

If you are playing subway surfers first time you may find it entertaining.. But for many old players it is a an endless quest. All is for Scores and Coins.. That's why Hack is useful for those who are tired of running eternally...

Q - Is it safe to use Subway Surfers hack ?

Yes. It is completely safe and thousands of users are using it. It is highly recommended to download Hack from a reputed source like AppValley.

Q - Is there any hidden charges for Subway Surfers Hack ?

No. It is completely free to download and play the game. Users no need to pay money.

How to Fix Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error?

It’s a very quiet common issue while installing any third-party applications on our iOS device. To fix this error, just follow a few simple steps below.

  • Click on settings of your device.
  • After that, Go like Settings > General > Profiles.
  • From that list, you will be able to see Subway Surfers Hack, Select the “Subway Surfers Hack” profile and hit on it.
  • Now you will get a pop up  to “Trust” and “Cancel“, select trust and done.
  • That’s it and its fixed.

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Subway Surfers Hack iOS Download on (iPhone/iPad) – [2023 – MOD]

Subway Surfers never gets old and you can now make the game even more interesting with the amazing hacks available in Subway Surfers Hack. You should definitely download and try it out to appreciate the time you can save by just playing with all the unlimited resources.

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