AppValley Download on iOS & Android (OFFICIAL – LATEST)

If you are an iOS user, you would have probably gone through the iOS app store which provides a great platform for you to download various apps for social networking, entertainment, education, and many more. But at times, you may have not found your favorite apps from the iOS app store. Of course, there are many ways to get access to all the apps on your iDevice and one of the best ways is using the “AppValley” app.

Download AppValley for iPhone/iPad, Android, PC

AppValley VIP iOS is an app installer that gives you full access to download the apps of your interest. You can download many third-party apps, games, etc of different categories and they are totally free of cost. Hacked and Mod apps are also available in this amazing app installer which helps iOS users a lot. AppValley is available for your iOS, Android, and PC. Even though the content may be comparatively less, it can be accessed without jailbreak and has got many unique features which are the reason why it tops the market.

Even though many similar apps were launched recently, they could not cope up with the efficiency of AppValley. This is mainly because AppValley addresses the flaws seen in other app installers and also it rectify the errors within a short duration. Unlike other apps, this app has an efficient support center. Here, we have provided the procedure you have to follow to get AppValley easily on your device. We have also mentioned the features and working of this app for iOS, Android and PC.


AppValley on iOS | Features:

AppValley has topped the market within a short span and has successfully beaten all other competitors such as TweakBox, MoboGenie, vShare, etc with its unique features and higher efficiency. They have recently put forth a newer and advanced version of this app,  AppValley 2.0 for iOS, Android, and PC which seems to be more elegant. This is the number one third-party app installer in the market right now.

AppValley 2.0 provides you with a large number of Mod and tweaked apps for your device. With its wide variety of applications and games, it is a great app to rely on, especially if you have an iDevice. The features of AppValley for iOS, Android, and PC are listed below. Ongoing through this, you will come to know how efficient the app is, and would wish to install it on your device.

  • One of the most astonishing features of the AppValley APK is that the download server is very speedy and fast that you can download any apps at a faster rate.
  • The app is quite simple and there is no complexity in downloading apps using AppValley, which provides an excellent interface for the user.
  • AppValley has a vast database of accessible apps which makes it even more astounding that you would want this app for sure on your device.
  • The app is so efficient that there would not be any kinds of problems while installing or downloading apps from AppValley for your iDevices as it is fully optimized.
  • The update notifications for the AppValley will be shown from time to time so that you can update it whenever you want.
  • The AppValley lets you modify your device using a wide variety of apps. This app installer is legal and is fully secured to use on your iOS, Android, and PC.

Here we have given the complete info regarding the AppValley Application. After a lot of revokes and other stuff, AppValley is working really fine. We will keep on updating the info regarding updations and revokes.

AppValley on iOS

File NameAppValley
Recent UpdateToday
SizeiOS: Config File 
CompatibilityAndroid, iOS & PC/Mac
CategoryModded Apps & Games
Price Free

Install AppValley on iOS (iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak

AppValley VIP is the best app installer with minimised errors and maximised efficiency. In this article, we provide you with the simplest procedure to download and install the AppValley app on your devices. Also, there is no need of using a PC for installing the AppValley app on your iOS. The Latest AppValley VIP app is the most useful app installer for iDevice users. In order to download AppValley on your iOS, follow the steps given below.

  • From your iOS device, firstly you need to take the browser and go to the link given below.

   Download AppValley App

  • Now, you will be navigated to the homepage of the website. There, you will find the “Install AppValley” option. You need to click on this option. A new tab will open up and the app will get installed on your iDevice.
Download AppValley for iOS
AppValley on iOS
  • Once you are done with the installation, the AppValley VIP icon will be displayed on the home screen of your iOS. You do not have to open it right now
  • Next, you need to open the settings of your iDevice. Scroll down and lookup for the App Management option.
  • All the apps installed on your device will be displayed. From that list, select AppValley for iOS and then you need to turn on the trust option. Now the app certificate will be verified and trusted by your device.
download appvalley iOS
Installed AppValley on iOS
  • You can open the AppValley and it can be run normally. Now you can install any Mod, hacked apps, etc without jailbreak on your iOS.

Best Apps Listed by AppValley

In order to Install AppValley VIP on your iOS, the link provided below would be helpful.  You may encounter many sources that are not secured. Make sure that you use the safe source provided in this article.

Given below is the list of apps that can be accessed using AppValley APK on your Android, iOS, and PC.

8 Ball Pool

AirShou Screen Recorder

Bobby Movie






And the list goes on.

appvalley download links
AppValley Apps & Games

The complete list of available apps is shown in the link given below.

Here is the solution for those who have problems using the Latest Update of AppValley VIP. A new version of the AppValley App has come up where the errors and bugs are fixed. It can be downloaded from the TuTuApp store. You can use the link given below.

How To  Install Snapchat++ on iOS using AppValley VIP

You can download and install snapchat++ or any app by following the steps below.

  • Once you have installed the AppValley VIP app using the procedure mentioned before, you need to open it. It may take some time to get loaded.
  • Now you will see the option ‘Library‘. Tap on this tab.
  • Next,  you can select two options from the tab. You are required to select the options ‘Select apps’ and ‘Click on Browser‘.
  • Now you can find the whole list of apps that can be downloaded using AppValley VIP. Scroll down and find the apps of your interest. You can also search the apps using the Search bar on the top. That is, if you are to download SnapChat++,  you need to enter SnapChat++ on the Search bar, tap on the option and you will be navigated to the App page.
  • On the App page, you need to lookup for the Get option and tap on it.
  • Now, you will find a pop-up window asking for confirmation of installing the app. On tapping the Install option, it will be confirmed.
  • It may take some time to download and install the app on your iDevice.
Snapchat Plus on iOS – AppValley
  •  Once the installation is done, the shortcut may be created, tap on the app icon and you will get the app from your home screen.

Best Music App: Spotify++ (Premium for Free) on iOS – AppValley.

AppValley APK on Android

File NameAppValley
Recent Update Yesterday
SizeAPK: 9.8MB
CategoryModded Apps & Games

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Install AppValley VIP APK on Android

AppValley APK makes your smartphone even smarter by giving you access to modded, tweaked applications and many more amazing features. The procedure given below lets you download and install AppValley APK on your Android device.

First of all, you need to download the latest AppValley VIP for Android from the link given below:

   Download AppValley APK

  • First of all, you need to open the settings page of your Android device. Lookup for the Unknown Sources option. You are required to turn on this option in order to install any third-party applications on Android.
 latest appvalley apk
AppValley APK User Interface
  • Next, you need to open AppValley VIP Apk. On tapping the file, a command window will popup asking for installation. You need to tap the Install option and the file will be downloaded.

AppValley VIP APK is a simple and efficient app that breaks the limitations of your smartphone and gives you free access to many apps and games. Many alternatives are there in the market but none could beat the efficiency and popularity of AppValley.

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Install AppValley for PC on Windows 11/10/8.1/7 & Mac

The official version of AppValley VIP is not yet launched. But you could still use it on your PC/Laptop using the Android Emulator. This works on Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10/XP and also on Mac. You can follow the steps given below to get AppValley Apk on your PC or Laptop. AppValley for PC is the best third-party app installer out there, you can try it out for both Windows PC and Mac from the guide which we have mentioned below.

  • In order to Install AppValley on your Windows 7/8/8.1/XP/Mac PC, you can use the Android Emulator app. Many such emulators are available such as Nox App Player, BlueStacks, etc which are some of the top ones in the market right now.
  • Once you have installed the Nox App Player or similar emulator, you need to download the AppValley Apk File and open using Nox App.

   AppValley APK for PC

  • Wait for some time and the AppValley VIP will open up on your PC/Laptop and you could access any modded or tweaked apps.

Best Game: PUBG Mobile Hack on iOS – AppValley App – Download.

AppValley App – Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Here we have given some of the FAQs that have been asked by our users, we have covered the most asked questions and you can comment on the doubts you have.

How Will I Download AppValley on Android?

  • AppValley on Android is a much-needed app store to get third-party apps for free. You can download it using the procedure below.
  • Take any browser from Android and go to the prescribed link.

   AppValley APK for Android

  • This will give you the download page of AppValley APK. You need to tap on the Download button.
  • The APK file will be downloaded within some time. Tap on it to open.
  • You will get a pop-up window. Tap on Allow to give permissions.
  • Next, tap on Install, and AppValley will be installed on Android.

How to Trust AppValley on iOS?

  • AppValley on iOS needs to be trusted before using it as it is downloaded from a third-party source. Follow the instructions provided below.
  • Navigate to the Settings of your iDevice.
  • You need to open the Profile & Device Management option from the General section.
  • You will find the AppValley profile. Please tap on the Trust option to enable it.
  • Now, you can start using AppValley on iOS and get the best collection of modded apps and games.
    Untrusted Enterprise Developer - AppValley
    Untrusted Enterprise Developer – AppValley

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Best AppValley Alternatives on iOS

AppValley is a third-party App Store that provides a wide range of applications without any hassle. You can surf through various categories to search for new applications including tweaked and mod versions of apps. The application is smooth and the interface supports a lot of user requirements now and then. Here are some alternatives of AppValley.

Apple AppStore

The first alternative is the traditional app store provided by Apple. You can use to be free from any worries about security and privacy. The app store ensures that each application available on its platform is secured and it has a range of thousands of apps.


The AltStore app is just amazing. It pulls application data from directly a private server, this ensures speed and regular updates. In simple words, it breaks the boundaries of iOS device without requiring you to jail break the device.


TweakBox is another third-party developer app that do not need any introduction. It has a unique interface that attracts users. The application is free to use and has secured database that will allow you to surf within the app without any worries.


CokerNutX is yet an amazing alternative for AppValley. It has name that’s been shining within users for years. You can feel safe with the service provided by CokerNutX. The application is similar to the traditional app store, just along with tweaked and mod version of various applications that are not available easily on internet.

 How Can You Uninstall AppValley?

  • If you wish to uninstall AppValley, check the steps given below.
  • On the home screen, look for AppValley.
  • You need to click and hold the app icon until it moves.
  • Now, you need to select the cross icon at the top.
  • On the confirmation window that pops up, click on Delete.
  • You have successfully uninstalled AppValley.

AppValley Error Fix Guide

Most of the apps will be getting some errors and so AppValley does, here we are going to brief some errors that you might face while using the application on your device. The most common mistakes everyone faces are connection issues, Issues while trusting the profile of AppValley, and much more. Here is the complete fix of the errors that you might face while using AppValley.

   AppValley Error Fix Guide

Will the Warranty of iOS Devices be lost on Installing AppValley?

AppValley is a third-party app installer for iOS. That doesn’t mean it is illegal. None of the security policies are broken on installing AppValley. The app store is safe; you can also download apps and games safely. You do not have to jailbreak your iOS device in order to download AppValley on iOS. It is the safest alternative app installer for iOS users to enjoy all the apps not found on the Apple app store.

Best Apps Available on AppValley





Frequently Asked Questions 

Q - What is AppValley on iOS?

AppValley is an alternative App Store of Apple that allows user to enjoy restricted applications. So to keep it neat, third party developers developed this amazing application to bring along all the applications and ease-in user comfort to download them.

Q - Do I need to jail break my device to download AppValley on iOS?

No, you do not have to jail break your device to download App Valley on your iOS device. You can simply download App Valley on iOS from its official website. As the application was installed by third party app developers and provides restricted apps, it is not available on App Store.

Q - Is AppValley free to use? How to download AppValley?

Yes, AppValley is free to use. You can download AppValley from its official website. You do not have to jail break your iOS device to download this amazing third-party app developer’s developed app. The application has a wide range of amazing apps that will amaze you. So visit the official website now to download AppValley for your iOS device.

Q - My App Valley application crash on iOS device, what to do?

If your App Valley application on your iOS device crashed, there are some small changes that you can do it get it fixed. Close the application and ON it again. Reboot your iOS device.

Best Game MODs available in AppValley:

Conclusion: Download AppValley on iOS, Android & PC

If you face any problems or bugs while installing or using the app, it is advised to uninstall and reinstall the app. Up till now, AppValley VIP APK works efficiently on all Android, iOS, and PC devices. Also, make sure that you update the app to the latest version.

Notifications for the updates will pop up on your app so that you can get access to all the features. We have provided a clear-cut and straightforward procedure to Download AppValley on iOS, Android and PC. If you still have any issues using this app, let us know in the comments section below.

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