PPSSPP | Download PPSSPP on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak

Something which almost all the iOS users want to have is more games for their device. Taking care of the security, iOS users don’t have access to many games that are available in Android. Also, many games in the Apple App store need to be purchased. Do you miss playing all those PSP games? Here is a way to get these games on your iOS devices without jailbreak.

PPSSPP or PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portable is a PSP emulator that you can install on your iOS devices to enjoy PSP games for free. PPSSPP emulator offers hundreds of games with amazing graphics. The design and user interface is also pretty awesome, which makes it the best PSP emulator for iOS in the market right now.

PPSSPP on iOS using AppValley

In order to get PPSSPP emulator for iOS without jailbreak, you will need the help of a third party app installer. AppValley for iOS is the best one that offers a wide variety of apps and games for free. PPSSPP emulator for iOS can be downloaded using AppValley. We will look at the procedure later in this article. Some of the features are also given below. Download this app to enjoy all your favorite PSP games on your iOS devices.

 PPSSPP Emulator for iOS  | Features:

PPSSPP emulator for iOS is a free and open source to get PSP games on your iOS devices. It is also available for Android, Mac, and Windows. Let us look at some of the features of this app.

  • It offers you all PSP games in HD quality. The graphics are just top class with high resolution even on small screens.
  • You can start the game from where you left by saving it. None of the data will be lost.
  • The on-screen touch controls can be changed according to your wish.
  • It also lets you use external control.
  • You can also transfer saved files from your PSP into iOS devices and begin from where you stopped.

With AppValley, you can find many such tweaked apps and games for your iOS and enjoy an enhanced user experience.

How To Install PPSSPP emulator for iOS using AppValley

AppValley is a great app installer that you can use to get tweaked, modded, paid apps and games for free without jailbreak. It is safe and provides an amazing user interface. PPSSPP emulator for iOS can be installed easily using this third-party app installer. Let us see how.

  • First of all, you need to install AppValley for iOS on your device. For this, you are required to go to AppValley. Here, you will find an Install option on the homepage. Click on it and AppValley will start downloading.
  • Now you are required to open Settings of your device and tap on Profile and Device Management option under the General section. From the screen that comes up, turn on the Trust AppValley option.
  • AppValley is ready for use. Open the app from the home screen. On the search bar, type PPSSPP and proceed.

  • From the search results, tap on Install option next to the app icon. The download process will begin.
  • Once the download process is complete, go to the device Settings again and click on Profile and Device Management option. From this, enable the Trust CMN VIET NAM ONLINE option. You have successfully installed PPSSPP for iOS.

  • Next, you need to import games to your iDevice. For this, you will require a PC. You need to download the ROM of your favorite game on your PC/Laptop.

  •  You are required to unzip the file and extract ROM ISO file from this.
  • Now connect your iOS device to the PC/Laptop using your data cable.
  • From your iDevice, you are required to open iTunes. Tap on your device icon. Now an Apps option can be seen. Tap on it and look up for File Sharing option. On opening this, you will find PPSSPP. Click on this and you will see Add files option. Add the ROM file from PC to this location.
  • After some time, when the loading process is complete, open the PPSSPP emulator for iOS. You can find the game under the ROM section. Open it and you are ready to play.

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PPSSPP – Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  • What is PPSSPP?

PPSSPP is a game emulator that offers you an awesome collection of games from different game consoles like PSP, GBA, Nintendo, etc. You can find a great bunch of games in this amazing emulator. It is safe to play and download games on iOS using PPSSPP.

  • How to get games in PPSSPP on iOS?

You can easily get games on iOS using PPSSPP. All you have to do is to download and install PPSSPP on iOS. Open it and search for the game you want. The ROM file will be available for download. You just have to install it and start playing.

  • Are all the games free in PPSSPP for iOS?

Yes, you can get all the games for free using PPSSPP on iOS. The database even has paid games for free. This way, you can enjoy the games you always wanted to play on the PSP without paying a single penny.

  • Which is the best game in PPSSPP?

There are hundreds of retro and classic games in PPSSPP which will blow your mind. Some of the best ones are God of War, Naruto Shippuden, Tekken 6, Dragon Ball Z, etc.

PPSSPP for iOS (iPhone/iPad) using AppValley

You can download many such games on your iDevice using PPSSPP emulator for iOS by following the same procedure. It offers you a whole new gaming experience on your iOS devices and that too for free. You also don’t have to worry about safety as there is no need to jailbreak the device. PPSSPP emulator is the best one you can ever find.  Hope you found this article helpful.

Instagram Rocket | Download Rocket for Instagram on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak

Instagram is nothing new to us. It offers a great platform to share your talents, interests and even promote business. Because of its amazing features, it is gaining more likes at an exponential rate. Millions of people all over the world use this social networking app to showcase their talents and reach more audience. It is available on both iOS and Android. Even then, there are some features which if included, will make Instagram more interesting. Instagram Rocket is a tweaked version of Instagram, which has got all these amazing features to compensate for.

However, Instagram Rocket is not available on your device’s app store, as it is a tweaked app. For this, you will have to make use of AppValley, which is a great third party app installer which provides you with almost all the modded and tweaked app that is not available on your app store. All the apps are completely free of cost and you can download any of them in your iOS devices without jailbreak. AppValley for iOS is proved to be so helpful for iOS users, as they do not have permission to some apps available on Android.

Download Rocket for Instagram on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak

Also, the iOS users can find many paid apps for free in AppValley. In this article, we have given an easy method to install AppValley and Instagram Rocket using this app installer on your iOS devices. We will also have a quick look at some of the features of Instagram Rocket. Check Out another best-tweaked application “WhatsApp++ Download on iOS Within 2 Minutes“.

Instagram Rocket on iOS iPhone/iPad | Features:

Instagram Rocket, being a tweaked version of Instagram, offers many great features that are still missing in the original version. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1) You can view the profile pictures in full screen by simply double tapping it.

2) While viewing other’s account, it will show whether they are following you or not.

3) Your feed can now be viewed in list or grid layout.

4) It lets you download photos and videos directly from feed and even from stories.

5) You can open direct messages without notifying the person whether you have seen the message or not.

6) To avoid accidental likes, this app will ask for confirmation of likes.

7) Stories can be viewed without showing them as seen. You can mark/unmark stories as seen by yourself.

8) In story maker, you can view the entire gallery and not just the media from last 24 hours.

9) It also lets you block sponsored ads.

And the list goes on. Instagram Rocket is something you need to explore on your own. The new features will surely amuse every iOS user.

Best Apps listed out in AppValley:

How To Install Rocket for Instagram on iOS using AppValley

After looking at the features, it is pretty sure that you want to have Instagram Rocket on your iOS devices. Since it is tweaked, Apple app store will not have it. But you can get it safely without jailbreak and for free using AppValley. Instagram Rocket is one among hundreds of apps available on AppValley. Here is a simple procedure for you to install this app on your iPhone/iPad.

1) Firstly, you are required to open the Browser and go to the link given below. It is recommended that you use Safari Browser as it makes the process faster and will not show errors.


2) The home page of the website will show the AppValley icon and next to it, you will find an Install option. Click on it and the download process will begin.

3) After some time, AppValley will be downloaded on your iOS device. But you should not run it now. You need to alter the default setting first.

4) For this, you need to open Settings of your device and on the General section, look for Profile and Device Management option. Tap on it and on the screen that comes up, enable Trust AppValley option.

5) Now you can open AppValley on your iDevice and in this, search for Instagram Rocket.


6) Results obtained will show this app along with a Get or Install option. Tap on it and Instagram Rocket will start downloading.

7) Once the download process is over, again go to device’s Settings. On the General section, tap on Profile and Device Management option. Now you need to enable trust Instagram Rocket option.

8) Now you are all set to use Instagram Rocket on your iOS device. Enjoy!


  • What features are offered by Instagram Rocket?

Instagram Rocket offers the best features on Instagram. It lets you download media contents to the device, share them on different platforms and also to safeguard your privacy. You can hide views from stories, hide Seen receipts from messages, etc. You can customize the layout of your feed as well.

  • Is Instagram Rocket safe?

Yes, Instagram Rocket for iOS is a safe platform for social networking. You can change the app design in whatever way you like. It doesn’t even require jailbreaking your iDevice to do this. Instagram Rocket has the best user interface that there are no errors or bugs in the app.

  • Can you use Instagram Rocket on iOS for free?

Instagram Rocket iOS is available for free. You can download them safely and enjoy all the amazing features. There are no in-app payments as well.

  • Will the profile be reported on using Instagram Rocket?

No, Instagram Rocket doesn’t go against any of the security policies and hence, the users cannot be reported or blocked from the app. Instagram Rocket is just a tweaked version that provides extra features in the safest way possible.

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Rocket for Instagram on iOS (iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak

Instagram Rocket is equally user-friendly as the original version and offers even more. You might have already seen from the features section given above. You can enjoy all of them and even more by simply downloading it using AppValley. Since it is a third party app, you can find many sources using which you can download this app. But AppValley is the best and trusted third-party app installer in the market. It is easy to use and also offers a safe platform to download hundreds of modded, tweaked apps and games. You can find a great collection of apps for free which will surely amaze you. You can follow the same procedure to download any app using AppValley. Hope you found this article helpful. If you have any queries, please let us know and we will help you.

Download MovieBox PRO VIP Free on iOS (MBP via AppValley)

If you love watching movies & TV Shows on your smartphone then you must be aware of the MovieBox application. MovieBox is quite popular in the relative market for the amazing content it provides. There is a Pro version for MovieBox as well through which you can get much more from the application, but, sadly it is paid. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot download it. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to download and install MovieBox Pro VIP Free on iOS [iPhone/iPad].

Good news is that you won’t require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad to install MovieBox Pro VIP Free. All you need to do is to install AppValley on your iOS device. As you might know, AppValley is a 3rd party App Store that provides hacked and tweaked iOS applications. You can download MovieBox Pro VIP from AppValley for free.

Download MovieBox PRO VIP Free on iOS (MBP via AppValley)

However, before we move to the installation part, let us check out the features of MovieBox Pro VIP. Check out: Instagram Rocket | Download Rocket for Instagram on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak.

 MovieBox Pro VIP Free | Features:

The biggest benefit of downloading MovieBox Pro VIP is that you get access to Premium Movies & TV Shows which were non-accessible in the normal version of the application. This means you get to enjoy more movies and TV Shows on the application.

  • You don’t require paying anything to use the pro version of Movie Box.
  • There are no ads present in the pro version of MOVIEBOX PRO. Therefore, nothing will come in between you and your entertainment.
  • You will be the first to gain access to latest updates that come upon the MOVIEBOX PRO VIP DOWNLOAD.

Apart from these all regular features of Movie Box application are present in the pro version. Let us check out the download and installation steps now for MovieBox Pro VIP Free on iPhone/iPad.

Must Install these Amazing Apps using AppValley:

Install MovieBox Pro VIP Free on iOS [iPhone/iPad] [STEPS]

Download AppValley

As a first, please launch Safari Browser and navigate here to download AppValley onto your iOS device. Once the webpage loads up, all you require doing is to tap on the ‘Install AppValley’ button.

Trust the profile of AppValley

After the successful installation of AppValley, please navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management and trust the profile of AppValley.

Search for MovieBox Pro VIP Free

Launch AppValley and search for MovieBox Pro VIP Free on it. Once located, please install the same onto your iOS device. The installation process is same as downloading an application from the official Apple App Store.

Trust the profile of Movie Box

Don’t forget to trust the profile of MB PRO Free. Now, launch the application and enjoy.

How To Get Full VIP version of MovieBox Pro for free using AppValley

  • Once you install AppValley from the guide Mention Below.
  • Just Open AppValley After installation and download MovieBox Pro and it will be installed.
  • Go to Settings and Trust the Profile.
  • You will be getting Ads on the first visit. Now you will be able to see a VIP icon in the top right corner.

  • Tap on it and you will be asked to sign in to the Account, use any Google account and sign in.

Boom! It’s done and you will see a validation of 10 years and you can watch movies or shows using MovieBox Pro VIP free without any Ads. Must Check this: How to Remove/Uninstall AppValley Developer Profile from Settings (GUIDE).

MovieBox Pro VIP Free on iOS

These were the simple steps to get access to the pro version of Movie Box VIP Free. If you face any issues during the installation process or have any questions to ask, please utilize the comments section for the same.

WhatsApp Watusi for iOS | Download Watusi on iPhone/iPad (AppValley Guide)

WhatsApp is a must-have instant messaging app in the market right now. With its simple and efficient interface, there has been an exponential rise in the number of users. WhatsApp has fixed its position right at the top of the best messenger app list and also as an inevitable app on our smartphones. Even then, there are some things we wish to have on our favorite messenger app. So here we introduce WhatsApp Watusi, which is a modified version of WhatsApp for iOS devices.

WhatsApp Watusi offers you everything that is missing in your original WhatsApp. It ensures that you use your WhatsApp messenger limitlessly. We will look into some of the features later in this article. Since it is a modded app, WhatsApp Watusi is not available on the Apple App store. This is where AppValley comes into the picture. AppValley is an amazing third party app installer that lets you install hundreds of apps that are not available on the app store of your iOS device.

Download WhatsApp Watusi on iPhone/iPad (AppValley Guide)

You can also get the paid apps of iOS for free using AppValley. From games and entertainment to educational, AppValley has got them all for free. The best thing is, you can install any app on your iOS devices without jailbreak by using AppValley. Here, we will discuss a simple way to install WhatsApp Watusi on iOS using AppValley.

WhatsApp Watusi on iOS | Features of WhatsApp Watusi (AppValley):

WhatsApp Watusi is a modded messenger app for iOS devices with more advanced features than WhatsApp. It has removed a lot of restrictions that you may face while using original WhatsApp. You can get this amazing app on your iPhone/iPad using AppValley. Before we move on to the installation process, let us quickly explore some of the amazing features of WhatsApp Watusi for iOS.

1) WhatsApp Watusi tries to protect the privacy of its users. Now you can hide your last seen and also the online status from your contacts.

2) You can also disable typing receipts. Even received and delivery receipts can be turn off using this amazing version.

3) Now you no longer need to square size your images to fit into WhatsApp profile picture. The crop option is not present on WhatsApp Watusi.

4) You can now disable call and camera options for specific chats.

5) WhatsApp Watusi lets you send unlimited media files to your contacts.

6) You can customise your chats and WhatsApp design completely. It lets you change the font style, colour etc.

7) With WhatsApp Watusi, you can record your calls.

8) Privacy is the first priority for WhatsApp Watusi. It locks your WhatsApp using Touch ID or password.

9) You can also hide your profile picture from specific contacts using this app.

There are lot more features waiting for you to explore in this app. The only thing you need to do is to download this app using AppValley for iOS. Check this out: “WhatsApp++ IPA Download for iOS Without Jailbreak (By Just Installing AppValley)“.

How to Install WhatsApp Watusi on iOS using AppValley

AppValley is a great app installer to download modded and tweaked apps on your iOS and Android devices. WhatsApp Watusi is one among them which can be downloaded on your iPhone/iPad using AppValley for iOS. For this, you need to follow the procedure given below.

1) Firstly, open the browser on your device and go to the link given below. We recommend that you use Safari browser.

Download AppValley 2.0

2) On the home page of the website, you can find the AppValley icon with an Install option next to it. Click on it and AppValley will start downloading on your iOS.

3) Once the download process is complete, go to Setting of your device. Under General section, you can find Device and Management option. Tap on it and Trust AppValley.

4) Now you need to open AppValley and on the Search bar above, type WhatsApp Watusi.

download whatsapp watusi

5) On the results, tap on Install option next to WhatsApp Watusi and it will be downloaded on your device.

6) Again, you are required to go to Settings and under General, look for Device and Management option. Tap on it and tap on Trust WhatsApp Watusi option.

7) You have successfully installed the app on your iDevice.

Error Fixes: [*Fixed] AppValley Not Installing, Not Working, Downloading Apps ( All Fixed).

Final Words – Download WhatsApp Watusi on iOS 12.2, 12.1 & iOS 12+ [iPhone/iPad]

AppValley is a great app installer because of its amazing user interface. You can find a wide range of apps for your iOS on AppValley. All these are totally free of cost. It is also safe to use AppValley as you don’t have to jailbreak your iOS devices. WhatsApp Watusi is one such app provided by AppValley for iOS. Explore and enjoy more features of AppValley. If you have any issues while installing the app, do let us now.

AppValley APK | Download AppValley APK on Android Devices

There is no doubt Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems with over 70 percent market share. The major reason for the popularity of Android is millions of unique and bold apps. On Android’s Play Store, you will find millions of apps including paid as well as free.

It is a very frustrating thing when you have paid for an app which turns out to be wasted. Such things mainly happen with Android users throughout the world who spend their hard-earned money on useless apps and tweaks. Are you one of these users? Well, now you don’t have to pay for an app to download. In this post, we will talk about such an app store that enables the user to download any paid apps at free of cost.

Latest AppValley APK for Android
AppValley APK Android

On the internet, you will find a wide range of apps that allow the user to download paid apps at free of cost (especially for Android). Today, we are going to talk about such an app named as AppValley for Android. So, let’s learn about AppValley and how to download AppValley on Android devices.

AppValley APK | Features

Basically, AppValley APK is an application store where you will find millions of apps. It is one of the best alternatives of Google’s Play Store with massive app collection. In Latest AppValley, you will find both paid and free apps that are available on the Google Play Store and other paid sources. Moreover, AppValley APK also offers modded, fully cracked, and hacked apps absolutely free. You can download latest AppValley APK on any Android device and try limitless Android paid apps at free of cost.

User-friendly interface: Unlike other AppValley alternatives, the user interface of AppValley APK is very easy to understand and use. This application is coded with an advanced algorithm that makes downloading easier and convenient. One can easily navigate to the favorite app in a single shot and download it at without any problem. The process of navigation and downloading is similar to Google’s Play Store.

Download apps for free: Downloading reliable and secure paid apps for free is not easy. Getting engaging with AppValley, you can download secure and reliable paid apps at free of cost. Another great thing about Latest AppValley is a huge collection of premium and paid apps on Play Store are free.

No root permission is required: There is no need to root your Android device if you want to use AppValley VIP. AppValley doesn’t require any root permission in order to download and install the paid app at free of cost.

Amazing download speed: There is no doubt that downloading speed is depends on internet connection but, it is a well-known fact that server speed also plays an important role. AppValley  2.0 has a powerful and well-managed server that allows the user to download the apps from AppValley at a maximum speed similar to in Google’s App Store.

Flexibility: AppValley for Android is really flexible that allows the user to download the same version of the app on a game that is available on the Google Play Store. Since the downloaded apps are in apk format, you can also share the downloaded app with your friend. So, this is one of the amazing features especially when your friend doesn’t have an internet connection.

Secure and reliable: On the web, you will find lots of app store that offer paid apps at free of cost.  But, downloading an app from such sources isn’t safe. Unlike such sources, AppValley VIP offers secure and reliable paid apps at free of cost.

Compatibility: AppValley is fully compatible with almost every single Android device running on Android 4.4 or higher. The Android operating system is the only thing that is required on the device in order to run AppValley 2.0.


File NameAppValley v1.0.1 APK
Recent Update27th July 2019
Size6.2 MB
CategoryApps & Games
CompatibilityAndroid 4.4.2 Jelly Bean and up

Download and Install AppValley APK on Android [STEPS]

Step 1: Before Downloading AppValley APK File, you have to enable the Unknown source in order to install the AppValley apk file. You can enable it by going to the Settings > Security > Enable the Unknown sources by tapping on it. An unknown sources warning message will appear simply ignore the message by tapping on the “ok” button.

 install AppValley APK on Android
Turn on Unknown Sources

Step 2: You have to download the Latest AppValley APK file on your Android device from the reliable source.  You can also download the AppValley apk file from the below-given link:

Download APPVALLEY v1.0.1 APK

Step 3: Now, open the File Manager and navigate to the AppValley APK file and tap on it to open.

Step 4: After that, hit on the “Install” button to install the selected AppValley.apk file on your Android device.

AppValley APK for Android
Tap on Install Button

Step 5: Once the installation process completed, one has to tap on the “Open” button to launch.

latest appvalley apk
Tap Open to launch AppValley on your device

How To Download an App with AppValley on Android [STEPS]

Step 1: Simply, launch the AppValley app on your Android device.  

Step 2: After that, one has to tap on the “Library” that is located at the bottom side.

Step 3: Now, you will direct to the apps list. Tap on the “search bar” and search for an app that you would like to download.

Install latest appvalley apk
AppValley APK Library of Apps

Step 4: Once the above step completed, tap on the “Install” button to start the installation process.

Step 5: After the installation process completed, you can access the app from the home screen.

AppValley APK – FAQ

How do I find AppValley on Android ??

Yes, you can get the AppValley by using above mentioned AppValley APK and get it installed on your device after enabling unknown sources of your device.

How Can I Get Spotify Premium for Free ??

You can get the Spotify Premium for free using a tweaked version called Sptofy++, which we can download from AppValley App.

Is AppValley APK Safe to Use ??

Yes, It is absolutely safe and it’s just like another third party apps store to install our favorite apps and games for free.

How Can I Get Rid of AppValley ??

You can get rid of this AppValley by following below steps to uninstall it from your device.

  • Go to Device Settings>>General Settings >> Profile and Device Management.
  • There you see different apps profiles, among all of them>>Select AppValley Profile.
  • Click on it >>>Select “DELETE” option to get rid of it from your device.

Download AppValley APK on Android | AppValley VIP APK

So, your search for Google Play alternative where you will find paid apps at free of cost is over. AppValley APK is the amazing Google’s Play Store alternative where you will find thousands of paid apps at free of cost. In this article, we have provided a complete step-by-step guide on how to download and install AppValley on Android mobile phone.

Hopefully, you have now understood how you can Download and install AppValley 2.0 on Android device. So, go ahead and try amazing Play Store’s alternative and enjoy modded and tweaked apps without paying a single penny.

Thank You.