AppValley VIP Free Download on (iOS, Android & PC)

So here we are talking about the best third-party app store in the market called AppValley VIP for iOS iPhone/iPad, Android & PC and much more. We have briefed up everything about every installation method of AppValley on every single device. Here we are giving the latest download links of AppValley and direct download links without any spam.

AppValley VIP Free Download

AppValley can be called the best third-party app installer out there when we compare it with other third-party app installers that are available in the market. AppValley Supports Android, PC, and iOS which is the best feature of most of the other applications that don’t support these 3 together.

Download AppValley VIP [iOS, APK & PC]

AppValley 2.0 is has been released and we have provided the latest version only for your all devices. If anyone looking to install this application on your PC, here is the complete Step by Step Guide to Install AppValley on PC.  Other OS devices, sit back, scroll down a bit to get their latest updated files to get this application on your devices.

Get the Most Updated AppValley iOS IPA file from the below-given link and you can follow up this given guide for the installation steps for Installing AppValley on iPhone /iPad. We have been great developers of this fantastic application which is the perfect replacement for TuTuApp, HiPStore and many other third-party apps stores.

Here is the direct link to download AppValley VIP App for free, without paying any bucks.

Using AppValley you can straightaway download apps from the app store. The main benefit of choosing appvalley alternatives is to avoid paying prices for the best apps besides having access to the premium features they have. There is literally no shortage of apps like appvalley online.

Primary Download Link 1: 

   AppValley Download – Config Profile Link 1

As I said, Please try the above download button in Safari Browser for direct installation and without any errors.

Alternative Link 2 : 

   Install AppValley configConfig Profile Link 2

Tap on “Allow”

NB: The above link is to download the most updated AppValley on your iOS iPhone/iPad.


appvalley ios
Profile Installed

AppValley has updated and got to roll in a new format, the developers of AppValley have worked so hard in order to push the tweaked apps and games to you people. We sincerely thank them for this amazing work and will be updated everything about AppValley and its coming updates here.

(Install Window comes up after clicking this link,   Click on Install to proceed and Trust the “AppValley App” in settings.

Features of AppValley

AppValley allows you to download your favourite third-party apps and games. Here are some features of AppValley that makes it the best app store alternative.

  • There are tweaked, modded and hacked apps and games in the database to download.
  • The user interface is simple and gives enhanced performance.
  • It is secure and offers a reliable platform to download third-party apps.
  • Updates are available regularly.
  • It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.
  • It doesn’t require Cydia to install apps.

There are many more features in AppValley that allows you to enjoy new apps and features on iOS for free.

How To Use AppValley on iOS 

AppValley is an amazing third party application that will allow you to download all the restricted and mod apps that are not available on play store. So to make it convenient, people download App Valley on their iOS device. But how to use this amazing application?

It is very simple to use AppValley application. Similar to any other App store, you can do it with few steps.

  • After downloading App Valley application on your iOS device, go to Settings > Profile > and change the profile of App Valley to ‘trusted’.
  • Now, open the application, in the search bar, search for your desired application.
  • You can even choose from a wide range of applications that are displayed in different categories.
  • After opening the application’s page, click on the ‘get’ button. The application will start to download and install.
  • Once you installed the application, go to Settings > Profile and change the profile of that app to ‘trusted’. This will allow you to access the App without any restrictions.

Give all the permissions that the downloaded app is asking for. Pfff! Done. You can now start using the app, wasn’t it easy? Enjoy unlimited apps using AppValley.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I open any apps installed with AppValley?

If the AppValley app’s certificate is revoked by Apple then you cannot open any apps installed through AppValley. You have to wait until AppValley gets a new certificate.

2. Is it safe to download and install the AppValley app?

Yes, it is 100% safe to install apps using AppValley. Millions of users around the world are already using AppValley.

3. Why do I get a 403 error on AppValley?

To solve the 403 error, you have to clear the app data and re-install the app.

4. How to update apps using the AppValley app?

Open the AppValley app and on the home screen, you will find the list of apps installed through the AppValley. If the app has updates it will show the update button. Tap on it to install the update.

5. Can we install the AppValley app on a non-jailbroken iOS device?

Yes, you can install the AppValley app on a non-jailbroken device using the AppValley profile.

Are you experiencing the following errors in AppValley?

Appvalley not working in error!

AppValley Apps are getting Revoked!

Unable to Verify Downloaded Applications or AppValley Not Connecting!

Appvalley Download Error!



Once you are done with the downloading and installation process of AppValley VIP on iPhone/iPad. There are a lot of free modded apps and tweaks available in android and you can download them easily via AppValley APK. Download it from the below-given link and install it on your device.

AppValley VIP APK

We also have prepared complete tutorials on Android and iOS devices, please check these Ways to install this AppValley App on Android & iOS Devices(Step by Step Guides). Hope you guys have downloaded the latest versions of AppValley VIP on both of your iOS and Android devices without any hassle. We will keep updating the files on the go and install it on your device from the direct download links we give.

Thank You.

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  1. It’s kinda good, though sometime you have to download everything all over again… so don’t download way too many accounts.

  2. Yea my Appvalley is not working for my phone and I’ve tried every fckn thing and I’m not paying no 100$ for anything rn the struggle is real so … what’s another alternative because I need these apps and all those other “emulators” are ass

  3. I was able to download appvalley, and i was able to download the app that i wanted yesterday (kikcam). Today, I deleted it (to fix something) and now all the apps say unavailable. How can this be fixed?

  4. Apple decides to revoke apps like this and their certificates. Therefore the AppAlley company has to go through the whole process of fixing this problem. Just be patient, it will be resolved. 🙂

  5. I downloaded the app but after a while it says all the apps are “Unavailable” is there any way I can fix this? I’ve tried to delete and redownload but it didn’t work.

  6. Can you please fix the clash of clans app because when I go to download it just says unavailable i hope y’all read this thank you.

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  8. I downloaded app valley but now the apps in there won’t let me download it and when I try to do so it says it can’t download

  9. It worked only 3 days. And now My the sims mobile doesnt open anymore. It’s not saved and I lost it. The downloading on Appvalley is no more possible even with the updated iOS 14.0 version. Please help! Tks

  10. Hello how do you used AppValley I hit the get app and nothing happens it actually says revoked why can you please fix it or explain it

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