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The world of applications is humongous. On the App Store alone, you will get tired browsing the available applications but the list won’t finish. Apart from the applications, you can download from the App Store; there are third-party applications that, due to Apple’s strict policies and guidelines, are unable to feature on the App Store.

If you wish to download and install these tweaked, modified, and hacked iOS applications, you require availing the services of a third-party App Store. Speaking about third-party App Stores, there is no better option than TweakBox as the inventory of TweakBox receives regular updates and holds every modified iOS application, an iOS user might desire.

Though TweakBox provides superior functionality, it is available as a free download. Moreover, you don’t even require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad for installing TweakBox. Going forward, let us check out some more major features of TweakBox. Check: AppValley on iOS Devices


TweakBox on iOS – Features

The hard-working development team behind TweakBox ensures that users get what they want from TweakBox. As mentioned above, they update the inventory on a regular basis with new applications. Moreover, in rare cases, if a user is unable to find a particular application listed on TweakBox, he can head to the ‘Request’ section and place a request with the development team to add the same on a priority basis. This way the development team ensures that they remain aligned to the needs of the users.

  • The user interface of the application is simple and easy to navigate. There are sections titled as Tweaked Apps, Games, Paid Apps, etc. If you wish to look for an application directly, you can utilize the search bar present in TweakBox.
  • For those who have space concerns, TweakBox doesn’t occupy much space on your iOS device.
  • Whenever any update arrives, you will get a notification for the same. You can choose whether you wish to update there and then or defer the same to a more convenient time.

Are you eager to check out TweakBox now? The following are the steps to download and install TweakBox on iPhone/iPad.

 Install TweakBox on iPhone/iPad  [STEPS]

Have you ever browsed through the paid section of the App Store? You will find a lot of attractive applications that will entice you to download them. However, you needn’t shell out bucks when you have TweakBox with you as on TweakBox majority of the paid iOS applications are available for free.

  • Please launch the Safari Browser and navigate to the official website of TweakBox from the below-given link. Make sure you utilize Safari Browser for the purpose only.

Download TweakBox –

  • Wait for the webpage to load. Once the webpage loads, scroll down and you will notice a button captioned as ‘Install TweakBox.’


  • Tap on the button and a pop-up will come stating that the webpage wants to open Settings. Tap on ‘Allow.’


  • Profile Installation Screen will come up in front of you. Tap on ‘Install’ on the top-right corner. Thereafter, please enter your passcode and tap on ‘Install’ once again.
  • This will ensure the successful installation of the TweakBox profile. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Profile and Device Management and locate the profile of TweakBox. If it is not already trusted, make sure you trust the same.


  • Next, please make your way to the home screen of your iOS device. The icon of TweakBox will be present on the same.


  • Launch TweakBox and start exploring the applications available on the fantastic platform.

How To Download Apps from TweakBox

  • When you happen to locate an application that you wish to download, tap on the application title to navigate to the Application Info screen.
  • Here, you require tapping ‘Install’ to initiate the download and installation process of the application.

Download TWEAKBOX ON iOS devices

  • You will get a pop-up stating that TweakBox wants to install the application on your iOS device. Tap on ‘Install’ to allow it to do so.
  • After successful installation, make sure you trust the profile of the application before launching the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is it safe to download TweakBox on my iOS device?

Yes, you can download TweakBox on your iOS, it is totally safe. The application provides source to download 3rd party applications that are tweaked and modded.

Q - Do I need to jail break my device to download TweakBox on my iOS device?

No, you do not have to jail break your device to download TweakBox on your iOS device. You can simply download it from its official website. Just click on download button to initiate download.

Q - How to use TweakBox on my iOS device?

Q - Will my warranty be void if I download TweakBox on my iOS device?

No, your warranty won't be void if you download TweakBox on your iOS device. The application is free to use and doesn't void any warranty. You can ensure that all your settings remain intact by using TweakBox.

Q - How to fix cannot connect to TweakBox on my iOS device?

This issue of cannot connect to TweakBox comes when the servers are not connecting to the application. So, ensure of have your internet connection intact, reboot your iOS device or finally if nothing works then please reinstall the application. This will let your app work perfectly fine.

Alternative Store: TuTuApp Lite Download on iOS(iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak.

Final Words – Download and Install TweakBox on iOS

This was all regarding TweakBox on iOS. For any kind of questions and queries, you can always reach out to us via the comments section provided below. We will be happy to help you.

Thank You.

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