WhatsApp++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) – UPDATED

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the market right now. Over billions of people across the globe use WhatsApp messenger to keep in touch with their friends, family, and acquaintance no matter how far they are. Developers have worked so hard in including many new features in the latest version of the app. The other messaging apps are still competing to overthrow WhatsApp. But with every passing day, its popularity is increasing drastically, and here is the Latest WhatsApp++

Whatsapp ++ on iOS
Install Whatsapp ++ on iOS

Since WhatsApp++ is modded, it will not be available on the app store of your device. For this, you need to use another app installer, AppValley. AppValley provides you with a wide variety of modded and tweaked apps which you may not find anywhere else. What makes this app installer unique is the simple yet amazing user interface it provides.

You can find variously tweaked, paid apps and games in AppValley which takes your device to the next level. All these apps and games are available for free and without jailbreak so that your device is completely safe. AppValley is available for both Android and iOS. In this article, we will discuss some of the features of Updated WhatsApp++ and how to get it using AppValley. Twitter++ App is one of the best-tweaked applications we have in this AppValley Store.

WhatsApp++ for iOS | Features :

Even though WhatsApp is famous for its instant messaging and good quality audio and video calls, there are still some features that they lack. Well, here comes WhatsApp++ which is a modded version of WhatsApp. It has many new features for privacy and security. In addition to this, it also gives you access to customize the design of your WhatsApp. Here, we will look into some of the features of WhatsApp++ which makes it better than the original WhatsApp.

  • WhatsApp++ ensures that your personal chats are safe. Now you can hide WhatsApp from others by using a passcode or Touch ID.
  • You can now hide Read receipts as well as typing receipts on your chats.
  • WhatsApp++ on iOS has also come up with Stealth Mode for those spy eyes.
  • It also enables you to set the whole pic as your profile picture. You no longer need to resize it.
  • It offers you more privacy by hiding both your Last seen and Online status from your contacts.
  • You can also send unlimited media files through WhatsApp++.It even hides your delivery receipts.
  • You can also find various designs on WhatsApp++ that lets you give a whole new look to your WhatsApp. It even contains options to customize text colors.
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These are only some of the features. There are more for you to explore and let’s get on to the installation process of WhatsApp ++ on iOS iPhone/iPad via AppValley. Check this out: CucoTV App Download on iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Install  WhatsApp++ iOS (iPhone/iPad) 

Given below is a simple procedure to download WhatsApp++ on your device using AppValley. We have briefed up every single step, just follow the below and install WhatsApp ++ on your iOS (iPhone/iPad) device without any much hassle.

  •  For this, first, you need to download AppValley on your device. This can be done using the link given below. Click on the Install option from the homepage to which you will be navigated.


  • Now go to the Settings. On the General Settings, tap on Device Management and then enable Trust AppValley option.
download updated WHATSAPP++
Trust the profile and continue
  • Once the app gets installed on your device, open it, and on the search bar, look for WhatsApp++.

whatsapp plus

  • Now you will get the search results and you need to click on WhatsApp ++.
    WhatsApp ++ on iOS
    check out the WhatsApp ++ on iOS
  • Then you will be redirected to the screen and  Tap on the Get option and it will get downloaded on your device.

Install WhatsApp++ on iOS using Altstore

Install WhatsApp++ on Non-Jailbroken Device

WhatsApp++ app can be installed on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. But to install the app on a non-jailbroken device, you will need a sideloading tool such as AltStore. Here are the steps to install the WhatsApp++ app on a non-jailbroken iOS device with AltStore.

  • Let’s start with installing the AltStore application on your PC (Windows or Mac). 

   Download AltStore

  • Now connect your iPhone to the PC. Tap on the Trust button on the iPhone prompt.
  • Open the iTunes app on your PC and turn ON iTunes Wi-Fi sync.
  • You can now find the AltStore icon on the bottom of the tray on your PC. Click on the icon in the tray and select “Install AltStore”.
  • Choose the iOS version of your device and enter the Apple Credentials.
  • Once the AltStore application is installed on your iPhone, open the Settings and go to General. There open the Profiles and Device Management. There tap on the Trust button near the AltStore.
  • Open the official website of the WhatsApp++ app and download the IPA file.
  • Now launch the AltStore app on your iOS device. Tap on My Apps. There click on the “+” icon.
  • Choose the downloaded WhatsApp++ IPA file. AltStore app will start installing the WhatsApp++ app.
  • Once the installation process is over, you can open WhatsApp++ from the home screen of your device.

Note: WhatsApp and WhatsApp++ cannot be installed on the same device. So make sure to delete the WhatsApp before installing the WhatsApp++ app.

Install WhatsApp++ on Jailbroken Device

It is very easy to install WhatsApp++ on a Jailbroken Device. Follow the below methods without skipping to install WhatsApp++.

  • Open the Cydia application on your iOS device.
  • Tap on the Sources tab.
  • Click on the edit button and choose the Add option.
  • In the source textbox, paste the URL https://beta.unlimapps.com
  • After including the source, search for “WhatsApp++” in the Cydia app and tap on the result to start the installation.

Install WhatsApp++ on iOS using IPA [*NEW]

Installing WhatsApp++ on an iOS device can be easily done using Cydia impactor. Below are the steps to install WhatsApp++ on your iOS device using the Cydia Impactor.

  • Download the WhatsApp++ IPA file on your PC from the given link.

   WhatsApp++ IPA File

  • Cydia impactor should be downloaded from cydiaimpactor.com and installed. It is used to install IPA files on any iOS device.
  • Now connect your iOS device to your PC where you have downloaded the WhatsApp++ IPA file and installed Cydia Impactor.

whatsapp ipa

  • Once the iOS device is connected to the PC, launch the Cydia Impactor.
  • Search for the downloaded WhatsApp++ IPA file in your PC downloads folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded WhatsApp++ IPA file on the Cydia impactor. Now it will prompt for your Apple ID credentials. If you already have an account with Apple you can use it to log in else you can create a new ID and connect it.
  • Once the Apple ID is authenticated, the WhatsApp++ app will start to install on the iOS device.
  • After the WhatsApp++ app is installed, open the Settings on your iOS device. Navigate to General -> Profile & Device Management.
AppValley for iPhone/iPad
Click on the Profiles and Device Management
  • There click on the small Trust button near the WhatsApp++ app.
  • Now you can launch the app from the home screen of your iOS device and enjoy the WhatsApp++ app.

WhatsApp++ on iOS | FAQs

Can I Download WhatsApp Plus on iPhone ?

WhatsApp Plus is a modded version and it supports all iOS versions. So, If you want to install this WhatsApp++, You can get it through any third party apps stores or any Cydia way. You can get enhanced features of WhatsApp with this tweaked version and enjoy free chats and messages with tweaks in it.

What is WhatsApp Plus ?

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS platform devices. It's a completely free application and tweaked version also completely free. WhatsApp Plus is one of my favorite applications which helps me to chat with my friend and colleagues.

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe ?

Being a very regular user of WhatsApp Plus, I would definitely say, it's the safest application and no harm with it. WhatsApp Plus installer is the safe and secure application, but I would recommend you to avoid very personal messages over this application as it's tweaked version by some third-party developers.

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Conclusion – Download WhatsApp++ on iPhone/iPad

AppValley offers you many other social networking apps, modded and tweaked versions of apps and games, etc. It has got a huge database which makes it one of the best app installers right now. Now go ahead and download WhatsApp++ on iOS using AppValley and enjoy its astonishing features.

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