GC4iOS Download on iPhone/iPad – [Revamped Version]

The old game consoles had more games with amazing variety which you could play on Nintendo, PS, SNES, etc. Each game had different plots and storylines which makes it more interesting.

GC4iOS is an emulator that gives you free games by Nintendo GameCube and other game consoles. It is easy to download games or play them online using this emulator. It lets you have all the retro games on iOS. You don’t need a game console to enjoy Super Mario or Punchout! All you need is an awesome game emulator which is safe and efficient at the same time. The best choice is GC4iOS.

GC4iOS Download on iPhone/iPad

Now, it is possible to install GC4iOS without jailbreaking your iOS. You will need a great app installer to download this. That is why we have chosen AppValley for this purpose. It lets you download any modded or hack app. You can also download GC4iOS on iOS for free using AppValley. Check out the coming sections for the detailed instructions to download the emulator. Check out: Download Delta Emulator on iOS.


GC4iOS on iOS | Features:

GC4iOS is a great game emulator if you need access to any retro or classic games. You can find all the old games on this app. Now, it can be played on your iOS easily.

  •  The app offers a great variety of games including classic and retro games, which can be played online.
  •  The ROM files for the games are also available for download.
  • The graphics are awesome, providing the best gaming experience on iOS.
  • You can customize the controls of the game.
  • It will let you connect with your friends online and play games.

Overall, GC4iOS is the best game emulator so far released. There are thousands of iOS users using this app. Download this and enjoy any retro game for free.

How to Install GC4iOS on iOS using AppValley

GC4iOS is surely going to surprise you with the great bunch of games and the amazing features which come up in the app. It is easy to download this app also. Follow the steps given below and you can download GC4iOS on iOS using AppValley.

  • First of all, open the Safari Browser from your iOS and go to  Download Latest Updated AppValley. It will take you to AppValley’s official site, where you can see an Install option. Tap on this option to install AppValley on iOS.

  AppValley iOS

AppValley VIP download

  •  When it is installed on your iDevice, go to Settings and tap on Profile & Device Management option. Here, you need to enable Trust AppValley option.

 updated appvalley on iOS

  • Once you are done, you can open AppValley and download any modded or paid apps for free. Now, search for GC4iOS.

GC4iOS on iOS using AppValley

  • This will give the app and an Install button to get this. Click on it to download the app.

  • Once it is downloaded, open the Settings again and on the Profile & Device Management menu, Trust GC4iOS needs to be enabled.

GC4iOS Best Alternatives


If you are looking for the biggest competitor and alternative of GC4iOS, then the Dolphin emulator is the only name that comes up to mind. It is the best emulator that gives you access to playing Nintendo Wii and GameCube emulating games with the best performances.


A very fast and smooth gaming emulator that provides the best mark-up experience to the users while playing games on GameCube emulated screen.


It is not just a simple alternative for GC4iOS but also an advanced one. You can access tons of gaming consoles emulator through one application. It helps you simulate hardware such as keyboard, mouse, Xbox 360 controllers, etc… Isn’t it a full emulating package?

Ishiiruka Dolphin

It is an updated version of the Dolphin-Master emulator that is supported in any legacy device. If you are looking for an emulator that consumes less CPU usage and provides good performance, then this application is the best choice.


Last but not the least, OpenEmu, as the name suggests is an Open emulator that provides a great console experience thoroughly. It lets you add libraries to enhance the experience of gaming within seconds. It is an open-source application project and a great alternative of GC4iOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is GC4iOS?

GC4iOS is a game emulator that gives you hundreds of games on iOS devices. Contents from 18 different game consoles are available in this emulator. You can enjoy your favorite games in the highest quality using GC4iOS. There are ROM files to download games and install them easily.

Q - Is GC4iOS safe?

Yes, GC4iOS is completely safe and doesn’t require a jailbreak. You can enjoy the emulator in the best way as there are no errors.

Q - Does GC4iOS require a subscription fee?

Of course, no. GC4iOS for iOS is free to access. You can download any games for free with the emulator.

Q - What are the games in GC4iOS?

GC4iOS for iOS is a third-party game emulator that gives a huge collection of retro and classic games to download on iDevices. This includes games from Nintendo, SNES, GBA, PS, and many other game consoles to download on iOS.

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Final Words –  GC4iOS on iOS from AppValley [LATEST]

That’s all. You have successfully downloaded GC4iOS on iOS. Now, you can play your favourite games for free anytime and anywhere.

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