Tinder++ iOS Download on iPhone/iPad – [Unlocked Tinder Gold]

Download Tinder++ on iOS from AppValley [No Jailbreak]: Tinder is a popular dating application used worldwide. If you are a normal Tinder user, you must be yearning to get Tinder Premium which is a paid subscription of Tinder through which you get unlimited ‘Super Likes’ and the ability to go back to the previous user you just happen to swipe left. In this post, we are going to make your wish come true.

In the following sections of this post, you will learn how to download and install Tinder++ on iPhone/iPad, which is a tweaked version of the stock Tinder application. You require installing AppValley on your device for this purpose. For those who don’t know, AppValley is a third-party application store through which you can download and install a ton of hacked and tweaked iOS applications for free. Moreover, you don’t even require jailbreaking your iOS device for the purpose.

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Tinder++ on iOS – Features

Please note that if you wish to install Tinder++ on your iPhone/iPad, you have to let go of the stock Tinder application installed on your iOS device. This is because both the applications possess the same ID. Following are the additional features that you get with Tinder++.

  • You get to enjoy the services of Tinder Select.
  • All the Tinder Premium features are unlocked in the tweaked version.
  • Enjoy unlimited Super Likes.

Moving on to the installation part, the following are the steps for installing Tinder++ on your iPhone/iPad using AppValley without jailbreak.

App NameTinder++
Latest Versionv5.3.2
CategoryTweaked Apps
Available OnAppValley

Install Tinder++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad] using AppValley

  • As a first, please launch the Safari browser and navigate to the following URL. Make sure you utilize Safari Browser for the purpose.

   AppValley on iOS

  • Wait for the webpage to load up and you will see a button ‘Install AppValley.’
  • Yes! You have to tap on the button and your iOS device will pop up a message stating that the webpage wants to redirect to ‘Settings’ in order to install the profile of AppValley. Please allow it to do so and install the profile of AppValley on your iOS device.
  • You require tapping on the ‘Install’ button present on the top-right corner of the screen that comes up next.
  • Once the profile installation is successful, please trust the same, and launch AppValley on your iOS device.
    download updated WHATSAPP++
    Trust the profile and continue
  • Search for Tinder++.
    Search AppValley Tinder++ iOS
    Search AppValley Tinder++ iOS
  • Next, Tap on “Get” to start the installation.
    AppValley Install Tinder Plus
    AppValley Install Tinder Plus
  • Install Tinder++ in the same way you install an application from the official App Store.
    Install Tinder++ on iOS - AppValley
    Install Tinder++ on iOS – AppValley
  • Don’t forget to trust the profile of Tinder++ prior to launching the application.

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How to Fix Tinder Already Been Installed Issue

If you have already a user of Tinder, I suggest you uninstall that version and follow the above procedure to complete hassle-free installation and clean usage of our favourite Tinder App. Because of these conflicts, it shows that error, the simple fix for this is, uninstall that Tinder version and install the new version(Tinder++) from the AppValley application.

Tinder++ Error in AppValley iOS
Tinder++ Error in AppValley iOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is there a Tinder ++?

Tinder++ is a mod version or third party developed version of Tinder application. It allows you to access restricted features within the application without any hassle. Some of the feature are ‘more super likes’, ‘no restriction on swiping’ or ‘premium matches’.

Q - Can you get banned for using Tinder ++?

The rules that are on the normal Tinder application are applicable on Tinder++ application as well. For instance, if you use inappropriate language, you may get banned from Tinder++ as well.

Q - Is there a difference between Tinder++ and Tinder Gold?

: As we know Tinder gold is the premium version of the application. Whereas, Tinder++ is moded version of Tinder, that allows you to access features within the application without purchasing the premium version.

Q - Can I use Tinder and Tinder++ on same iOS device?

We recommend you not to use both the versions in the same device or from same account. Since, one version allows you to access premium features, it may cause an account ban.

Q - Does Tinder ++ actually work?

Same like Tinder application, the premium application just gives you access to premium and restricted features.

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Final Words: Tinder++ Download on iOS [iPhone/iPad] – AppValley 

These were the simple steps to install Tinder++ on iPhone/iPad from AppValley without jailbreak. If you face any kind of issues while installing the application, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

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