Geometry Dash Hack iOS Download on [iPhone/iPad] – MODDED

Geometry Dash requires you to be skilful and fast to fly, jump, and flip yourself through various levels with progressive difficulty. This post will talk about Geometry Dash Hack Download on iOS No Computer. Geometry Dash Cheats Hack on iOS has some crazy features that allow you to progress and level up much faster in the game.

Geometry Dash Hack iOS Download on [iPhone/iPad]

These additional features are not available in the original version of the game. Let us read more about Geometry Dash Hack iOS No PC (iPhone/iPad).

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Geometry Dash Hack iOS | Features

The Geometry Dash MOD on iOS features Action Platforming based on Rhythm, and you unlock many levels with unique soundtracks.

  • Via the Level Editor, you can construct and share your levels.
  • Geometry Dash All Icons Hack iOS unlocks new icons as well as colours, greatly assisting you in customizing and configuring your character in the game.
  • You can flip gravity, fly rockets, and do much more in Geometry Dash Hack iOS with No Human Verification.
  • You get the practice mode unlocked in the Geometry Dash Hack Cheats Free Download on iOS, allowing you to enhance your skills in the game.
  • Get amazing rewards in the Game Center by scoring as high as possible.
App NameGeometry Dash Hack
DeveloperRobTop Games
Latest Versionv6.9
CategoryTweaked Games
Available OnAppValley

Let us now check how to download Geometry Dash Hack 2021 on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. Must Read: “Snapchat Tweak – SnapChat++ Download on iOS with AppValley Store“.

Geometry Dash MOD Download on iOS

To download the hacked version of Geometry Dash Free iOS, you require install AppValley on your iPhone/iPad. AppValley is one of the popular third-party app stores that contain a ton of hacked apps and games which are not available in the official Apple Store. Tap on the link below to check out the installation steps of AppValley on iOS.

  AppValley iOS

Install Geometry Dash Hack iOS No Computer (iPhone/iPad) from AppValley

  • Open AppValley on your iOS device.
  • Simply perform a direct search for Geometry Dash 2.11 Hack iOS.

search geometry dash hack


  • Tap on the search result to go to the application installation window.
  • Here you can read all about the features and functionalities of the NoClip Geometry Dash 2.11 Download iOS.

Open geometry dash

  • Hit the Get button to start downloading/installing Geometry Dash Hack Cheats Coins and Stars on your iPhone/iPad.
  • When asked, please allow AppValley to continue with the installation process.
  • After the installation is complete, you will have the icon of the hack available on the home screen of your iPhone/iPad.

click on install

  • Prior to launching the hacked app, please navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.
  • Trust the profile of Geometry Dash Hack on iOS.
  • That’s it! You can launch and start playing the hacked version of the game on your iOS device.

Geometry Dash Alternatives on iOS

Geometry Dash is one of the best jumping and hurdle-escaping games that you would enjoy. The game is based on repeated levels with the same mechanism; it provides addiction over the repeat losing mechanism. So, if you are looking for some fantastic alternatives, here are a few:

The Impossible Game

The game is as challenging as the Geometry Dash. Your only control is by clicking on the screen. The orange block jumps through the map, securing its position on a hurdle. If you die, you have to repeat. The game has multiple levels to keep you moving.

Super Meat Boy

The game has similar gameplay that of the games mentioned above. It was developed by renowned developers Team Meat. The game has crazy addiction to overlay imaginative structure to hurdle past the player’s enjoyment.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run brings back old-school memories. If you loved playing Mario in the past, this is one of the best games to play. Go through the map, avoid obstacles and enjoy gaming all day long.

Mr Jump

This game has tricky levels, so your goal is to help ‘Mr Jump’ jump through all the hurdles on the map. It is one of the best alternatives to Geometry Dash.


Q – How do you get Geometry Dash for free iOS?

To download and install Geometry Dash for free on iOS, as mentioned in this post, you require taking the assistance of AppValley. You can download Geometry Dash Unlocked Free on iOS from AppValley without jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad.

Q – How to get Geometry Dash Practice Mode Unlocked?

You can download the amazing Geometry Dash Hack Free on iOS from AppValley to get the Practice Mode unlocked by default and to reap rewards from the Gaming Center on achieving high-scores.

Q – Can I construct my own levels on Geometry Dash?

Yes! You require using the Level Editor to construct your own levels in the game. You can do so for free in Geometry Dash Cheats MOD on iOS.

How to Uninstall Geometry Dash MOD on iOS

If any of you want to uninstall Geometry Dash  MOD  and install the original version, follow these steps:

  • Unlock your device and open your home screen.
  • Navigate to App Library.
  • Click the Geometry Dash  MOD icon and hold the icon.
  • Tap on Delete the Application from the drop-down menu and click continue.
  • Go back to App Store and search for Geometry Dash.
  • Install the App and start playing the game.

Check this out:

Conclusion – Geometry Dash Hack Download iOS from AppValley

Here we are after this post. For further updates, stay tuned with us. If you have more queries coming up in your mind regarding the Geometry Dash No Computer Free Download Hack, please drop us your questions in the comments section provided below.

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