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Install PokeGo2++ on iOS without Jailbreak: Pokemon Go was one of the most popular augmented reality games. However, it may take time to find all your favorite Pokemon and reach higher levels. That is why PokeGo2++ was introduced. It is a tweaked version of Pokemon Go which will enable you to get hundreds of Pokemon within minutes.

You can change the location and go to places where there is more number of Pokemon. Almost all the characters in the series are included in the game. You can find and catch them easily. PokeGo2++ for iOS gives you more opportunities to find Pokemon. However, this game is not found in the Apple app store and that means, you will require another app installer. AppValley is an awesome app installer that gives you tweaked and hacked apps, games, etc for free.

PokeGo2++ on iOS (iPhone & iPad)

You can also install PokeGo2++ on iOS using AppValley without jailbreak. Also, Check Out iSpoofer Pokemon Go on iOS – No Jailbreak & No PC.


PokeGo2++ | Features

PokeGo2++ gives you a whole new experience while playing the game. You can capture the Pokemon easily using this version. Check out some of the features of PokeGo2++ for iOS.

  • There are many new Pokemon for you to collect in the game.
  • It gives you an unlimited number of Pokemon balls to catch them.
  • You can simply spoof your location and find the Pokemon no matter where you are.
  • The nearby Pokemon can be traced easily from the map.
  • You can use Tap to Walk option or Joystick to move in the game.
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This offers an excellent way for you to enjoy your game even from home. You can even increase the travel speed and reach different places to capture the characters. This way, you can save time and enjoy the game at the same time.

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Install PokeGo2++ on iOS using AppValley

PokeGo2++ gives you an awesome collection of Pokemon with which you can score more and get to higher levels. It is the best-tweaked version of the game and is available for iOS. Follow the steps below to install PokeGo2++ on iOS using AppValley.

  • Initially, you are required to open the prescribed link using the Safari browser.

 AppValley VIP

  • From the page that comes up, tap on Install and AppValley will get installed in some time.
  • Now, you have to move to Settings and open the Profile & Device Management option. Select the AppValley profile and Trust it.
    Launch AppValley on iPhone/iPad
    Launch AppValley on iPhone/iPad
  • You can launch AppValley and find PokeGo2++.
    Install PokeGo2++ iPad & iPhone
    Install PokeGo2++ iPad & iPhone
  • Click on the Install option next to the app and PokeGo2++ will be downloaded.
PokeGo2++ Install on iOS
PokeGo2++ Install on iOS
  • Once it is complete, open the Settings and go to Profile & Device Management option. From the PokeGo2++ profile, enable the Trust option.
PokeGo2++ on iOS
PokeGo2++ on iOS

Best Alternatives PokeGo2 on iOS

Poke Radar

Poke Radar is an excellent alternative to PokeGo2 that offers a similar experience with a few added features. One of the best things about Poke Radar is that it allows you to see the locations of nearby Pokemon in real-time on a map. This is extremely useful for finding rare Pokemon that you wouldn’t be able to find the same. Poke Radar also has a “radar” feature that allows you to see nearby Pokemon other users have recently caught, and it’s a great way to discover the good spots for catching Pokemon.

Poke Finder

Poke Finder stands after PokeGo2, offering a similar experience with some added features. Like Poke Radar, Poke Finder also allows you to see the locations of nearby Pokemon in real-time on a map. However, Poke Finder takes things easy and further by allowing you to set up “lures” at specific locations. Lures attract Pokemon to a particular area, making it easier for you to catch them. Poke Finder also has a “radar” feature that allows you to see recently caught Pokemon in the area, similar to Poke Radar.

Go Radar

Go Radar is yet another alternative to PokeGo2, offering a similar experience with some added features. One of the best things about Go Radar is that it provides a “step-by-step” guide that helps you find the specific Pokemon you’re looking for. This is extremely useful if you’re having trouble locating a specific Pokemon. Additionally, Go Radar has a “radar” feature that will enable you to see recently caught Pokemon in the area, similar to Poke Radar and Poke Finder.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to play Pokego2++ on my iOS device?

Yes, it is completely safe to play Pokego2++ on iOS device. The game just provides extra mod to play game and creates a fun environment without restrictions. It is an amazing gaming experience that this version of PokeGo2 provides.

2. Do I need to jail break my device to download PokeGo2++ on my iOS device?

No you do not have to jail break your device to download PokeGo2++. You can directly install it from third-party sources such as AppValley or CokerNutX. The game is safe to play, just make sure you install it from trusted sources.

3. PokeGo2++ stopped working, what to do?

If by any chance, PokeGo2++ stopped working, then do not worry. First reboot your device and try to run again, if still the problem persists, then re-install the game from scratch (mostly from trusted third-party sources) and restart the device.

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Conclusion – Install PokeGo2++ on iOS

PokeGo2++ is an awesome augmented reality game. You can easily get teleported to places where Pokemon are present. You will also get a huge collection of Pokemon just by sitting at home. You can change your location easily with this modified version. Make sure that you install PokeGo2++ on iOS from AppValley.

Thank You.

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