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Youtube is the most used video-sharing platform in the world. Most of us use it at least once a day. However, there are many features that the users wish were included in the app. Although the Premium version of the app covers advanced features, it is not affordable to all. This is why you need Cercube 5 for YouTube. It is a modded version of Youtube with advanced options. You can even download videos directly using this app.

Cercube 5 for YouTube on iOS

Cercube 5 for YouTube for iOS is designed to provide the best user interface for users.

Since it is a third-party mod, you will need an app store alternative for iOS to download Cercube 5 for YouTube. You need AppValley for iOS, which is the best third-party app installer that offers mods and hacks without jailbreak. The detailed procedure to download Cercube 5 for YouTube on iOS devices using AppValley is given in this article. Check out: Download Delta Emulator on iOS.

Cercube 5 for YouTube | Features:

With the latest Cercube 5 for YouTube on iOS, you can customize the whole app. You can configure these features in the original Youtube settings. Here are some features of Cercube 5 for YouTube.

  • You can download videos to the iDevice in the best resolution.
  • All the ads can be blocked.
  • The videos can be replayed automatically.
  • It lets you watch videos in picture-in-picture mode.
  • The app offers AirDrop support with which you can share downloaded videos wirelessly.
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Cercube 5 for YouTube on iOS offers many more features that let you enjoy videos in HD quality using less data. You can even customize the time duration for rewind and forward options.

Download Cercube 5 for YouTube on iOS with AppValley

As Cercube 5 for YouTube on iOS is not available in the official app stores, you need AppValley. AppValley for iOS gives hundreds of tweaks and hacks for free. It is safe and requires no jailbreak. You can follow the steps given below to download Cercube 5 for YouTube on iOS with AppValley.

  • Open the given link from the Safari browser.

  AppValley VIP

  • From the download page that comes up, click on the Install option to get AppValley.
  • Once you download AppValley, go to Settings and open the Profile & Device Management option.
  • Select AppValley and Trust the profile.
  • Launch AppValley and search for Cercube 5 for YouTube.

cercube 5 for iOS

  • Hit the Install button to download Cercube 5 for YouTube.

Install Cercube 5 on iOS

  • Open the Settings and take the Profile & Device Management option.
  • Enable the Trust option for the Cercube 5 for YouTube profile.

This is a simple procedure and offers the safest way to download Cercube 5 for YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is Cercube 5 for YouTube iOS?

Cercube 5 is an app that enhances the features of YouTube and provides all the premium features of YouTube for free. You can use all the premium YouTube options like background play,

2. Does the Cercube 5 iOS version display ads?

No, there are no ads in Cercube 5 iOS version. You can watch unlimited YouTube videos without any ads.

3. How to download videos using Cercube 5 iOS?

When you watch any YouTube videos in Cercube 5 app, you can see a download button below the videos. Tap on the download button and select the quality of the video to download.

4. How to re-sign Cercube 5 app using AltStore?

Open the AltStore application on your device and tap on the “My Apps” option. Click on the “X days” button and it will re-sign the Cercube app for additional 7 days.

5. How to update the Cercube 5 app on an iOS device?

If you have installed the Cercube 5 app using the Cydia app, you can just open the Cydia app and update the Cercube 5 package or if you have installed using AltStore, download the latest IPA file from the page and re-install the Cercube 5 app.

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Final Words – Latest Cercube 5 for YouTube on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Cercube 5 for YouTube on iOS is the best mod you can ask for. You can play videos in the background, auto replay, download, and share videos easily with this app. AppValley for iOS makes it easier to download the app. You can enjoy videos without interruptions using this app.

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