Fallout Shelter Hack iOS Download on (iPhone/iPad) – [MEGA MOD]

Awarded Mobile Game of the Year – 2016, Fallout Shelter Mega MOD puts you in charge of a state-of-the-art underground vault created by Vault-Tec. Your job in the game is to develop an impeccable vault, take care of the happiness of the people living in it, and protect them from the perils of the nuclear aftermath.

Fallout Shelter Hack on iOS

You have to take care of everything ranging from finding jobs for the dwellers, providing them training, transform junk into useful items, and more. Without any external help, this is indeed a difficult job. 

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 Download Fallout Shelter Hack on iOS [AppValley]

Hence, in this post, we are going to tell you about Fallout Shelter Hack on iOS that will provide you with additional resources to do your job. Simply put, you have unlimited food, water, power, caps, Nuka-bottle, medkits, and simplex in the Latest Fallout Shelter MOD for iOS.

We will take the help of the popular third-party app store, AppValley. For those who don’t have AppValley installed on their iOS device, please click the following link to view the download/installation steps.

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Install Fallout Shelter Hack on iOS[iPhone/iPad]

  • Launch AppValley on your iOS device.
  • Since the interface of AppValley is similar to the official App Store, you won’t face any issue using the app.
  • Go to the Search Section and conduct a search for Fallout Shelter MOD.
  • Wait for the search results to populate.
  • Tap on the listing of Fallout Shelter Hack to go to the app info screen.


  • Hit the Get button to start with the download and installation process.
  • On the dialog box that comes up next tap on Install to continue with the process.


  • Monitor the installation progress from the home screen of your iOS device.
  • Once the installation is complete, please go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.
  • Locate and trust the profile of Fallout Shelter Hack.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Lunch Boxes in the Fallout Shelter hack?

Lunch Boxes are mystery items in the game. You have to buy or collect lunch boxes to get items like weapons, skins, and dwellers.

2. How to update the Fallout Shelter Hack on an iOS device?

To update the Fallout Shelter Hack, you have to open the third-party app installer like TuTuApp or AppValley and tap on the update button near the Fallout Shelter Hack.

3. Is Fallout Shelter Hack safe to use by kids?

Yes, the Fallout Shelter hack can be used by kids under the age of 18. It is completely safe with no virus or malware.

4. How to build weapons and outfits in Fallout Shelter hack?

You need dwellers to built weapons and outfits. You have to create room for them to add dwellers to start the work. Once the work is done you can collect the items from the room.

5. Where to find the junk in Fallout Shelter hack?

Junks can be found in many places in the game. With Fallout Shelter Hack, you can find unlimited junk in wasteland and lunchbox.

6. How to add dwellers in Fallout Shelter Hack?

To add dwellers to the community, you need radio stations. With the hack app, you can create unlimited radio stations and add unlimited dwellers to the community.

‘Profile Verification Failed’ error – How to resolve?

This error indicates that Apple has revoked the certificate of the app. You have to uninstall the existing game and do a fresh installation to bypass this error. However, since Apple can revoke the app again, it is better you utilize AntiRevoke services such as NoThx or xTender.

‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ error – How to resolve?

You will see this error immediately upon launching the game for the first time. This happens because you haven’t trusted the profile of the game yet. Please go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and trust the profile of the game prior to launch.

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Final Words: Fallout Shelter Hack Download on iOS [MOD]

That was all from our side regarding Fallout Shelter Hack on iOS. For any kind of queries that you might have, please reach out to us via the comments section provided below.

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