Sims FreePlay Hack iOS Download – [2022 UPDATE]

The Sims FreePlay MOD  is a famous game based on real-life simulations. This game was released in 2011 as an official mobile version of The Sims desktop game. In this game, the player has to create virtual people of their choice. You can create a maximum of 34 people. You can use the Sims to perform tasks that you like to do in the game. Each task will require real-time to finish. You can level up by completing all the tasks and earn virtual currencies like Simoleons, Social Points, and Lifestyle Points.

Sims FreePlay Hack iOS Download on (iPhone/iPad)

Also, they have to create families, do construction works and control the lives of the character they have created. You can create an entire city as you wish.

There is a limit to creating Sims by each player. Each player can create only a limited amount of Sims in their town due to restrictions. If you need to remove the restrictions you have to buy the VIP pass. The VIP pass lets you create unlimited Sims in the game. Check Out: YouTube++ Download on iOS [iPhone/iPad] -2021.

The Sims FreePlay Hack on iOS | Features :

Along with the exciting features of the game, The Sims FreePlay Hack also has some unique features or hacks that you will love for sure. Here are the notable features of the Sims FreePlay Hack.

  • Simoleons are provided for free if you start playing the game daily.
  • Energy is required to carry out any task in the game. You have to purchase this energy to carry out the task. In the hack, you will get it for free.
  • Party Cakes and Cup Cakes are required to level up. With the hack, you will get unlimited party cakes and cupcakes for free.
  • All the inventory items are unlocked in the hack. You can buy any items you want even from the beginning of the game.
  • You will all their cash Simoleons, Social Points, and Lifestyle Points for free in the game.

Install the Sims FreePlay Hack on iOS [STEPS]

Here are the steps to download and install the Sims FreePlay Hack on iOS using the AppValley app. Before you start you need to install the AppValley app from the app store. After installing the app store you need to follow the steps below to install the Sims FreePlay MOD.

  • The Sims FreePlay Hack is not available in the app store for iOS devices. So you need to open the AppValley app to install The Sims FreePlay Hack.

   AppValley on iOS

  • On the AppValley app home page, you have to search for The Sims FreePlay Hack.

Sims FreePlay MOD SEARCH

  • In the results, the app will be shown. Click on the button GET near the app.

Sims FreePlay MOD click on get

  • After the installation, if you try to open the app you will get an error message called Unknown Enterprise Developer.
  • You need to open the phone settings app. Then choose profile management.

Sims FreePlay MOD install

  • In profile management, you can see the list of app that is installed on the device.
  • Click on the Sims FreePlay app and provide permission to run ignoring the warnings.
  • Now you can launch the app in your iDevice and enjoy the game.

These are the steps to download and install the Sims FreePlay Latest MOD on your iOS device.

Best Sims Freeplay Alternatives on iOS

Sims Freeplay is something that brings our old school memories back on. This game surely has the guts to make us wanting to play it even more. But there are many more fun release in the market, and here is the list of the best alternatives of Sims Freeplay.

Life Quest

To administrate the city around you, and with added fun of quests once in while, Life Quest is an amazing game to play. It helps you enhance your management abilities and also socializing skills.

Dream House Days

Not too heavy in graphics, but yet an attractive game after all. Dream House Days is a one go game that any teen may have fun playing.


The old school game of original version can also be a fun one. If you love the Sims Freeplay version, then also give a try to this amazing version, classic Sims.

Virtual Families 2

Not too fancy on name, but surely stands on what it means. Virtual Families 2 is one of the best alternatives of Sims Free play. We recommend playing it to keep on tagging fun all along.

Check this out:

Final Words – Download The Sims FreePlay MOD on iOS

Hope you understood the method to download and install the Sims FreePlay Hack for iOS devices. If you have any queries then leave them in the comment below. We will help you to solve the problem or query.

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