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Your main objective in the rather unique simulator game Getting Over It with physics-based elements will undoubtedly be to climb to the mountain’s summit while enjoying complete freedom of movement. However, this will be incredibly difficult because half of your hero’s body is enclosed in a solid iron tub, moving with a pickaxe necessary, and the path is made up of numerous stones, boulders, and rock fragments. You can now obtain not only a prize but also the answers to the questions the authors had concealed when you are still at the summit of the mountain. Check out the most downloaded Hack on the Internet: iSpoofer Pokemon Go Hack iPhone (PokeGo++ FREE – 2023)

Getting Over It Free MOD for iOS
Getting Over It Hack


Getting Over It MOD- What is it?

With Bennett, Getting Over It The harsh mountain climbing game Foddy is an imitation of Jazzuo’s 2002 B-Game blockbuster “Sexy Hiking.” All you can do is move the hammer around with the mouse. You can bounce, swing, ascend, and fly with some practice. The grasp hikers who reach the mountain’s peak are rewarded with great secrets and incredible applause.

Getting Over It Hack | Features:

The key characteristic is the possibility of losing all progress and having to start anew. This is helped by all the treacherous ledges and cliffs throughout the game. The following characteristics are available to players in this one of the most distinctive games they will ever play, in addition to being frustrating:

  • Change your name to Diogenes.
  • With only the pot you’re locked in and a hammer, climb the enormous mountain.
  • As you advance, pay attention to the developer’s views on philosophy.
  • Up to five hours may be spent playing.
  • There is no mechanism to save game progress; the likelihood of losing everything and having to restart is considerable.
  • As you ascend, you will encounter irritation, but you will also learn to deal with it.
  • Aim for the Golden Pot since it becomes more shiny as you progress through the game.
  • Put a time limit on it so you can do it faster.
  • No in-app purchases; only for $4.99 price

More Information about Getting Over It App’s MOD

App NameGetting Over It
DeveloperBennett Foddy
CategoryGames (Tweaked)
Age Limit4+
OS RequirediOS 13.0 or Later
Device CompatibilityiPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Download on iOS with AppValley

  • Download & Install AppValley on your iOS Device (download link given below).

   Download AppValley VIP

  • Open the AppValley app on your iOS device, and tap on the Browse button under the Games section.

AppValley Homepage

  • Then, tap on Paid & Other Games section. You can clearly see the Getting Over It Game in the list, Just click on it (If you can’t see it then search for it).

AppValley Paid Apps Section

  • Tap on the GET button.

Getting Over It On AppValley

  • Click on the Install button from the prompt.
  • Installation prompt on iOSYou can see the game is being installed on your iOS device.

App Being Installed into iPhone from AppValley

  • After installation, if you click on the game, you’ll get an error message saying “Untrusted Enterprise Developer

Untrusted Enterprise Developer error

  • To resolve this error Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management, tap on Game’s Profile under the Enterprise Apps section

Getting It Over's Profile

  • Then click on Trust <Profile Name>.

Trust Profile on iOS

  • Once again tap on the Trust button to confirm.

Confirmation of Trusting a Profile

  • Now, Open the app from the home screen, and you can see the game starts loading.

Getting It Over Loading on iPhone

Moving past You might find it to be among the most difficult and irritating games you’ve ever played, and losing will only make you want to play it more. But since it’s so much fun, try it out by downloading it right now to your device. Not only is it a game, but it’s also a fantastic stress reliever.

Download IPA using AltStore

  • If you have not installed AltStore on your iOS device then follow the link given below.

   Download & Install Complete AltStore Setup

  • On your iOS device, download the Getting Over It.ipa file.


  • After downloading the Getting Over It IPA file, launch AltStore and select the MyApps tab.

AltStore App on iOS

  • Click on the + sign in the upper-left corner. The IPA files for Getting Over It will be shown. To open the Getting Over It IPA file, click it.
  • To download Getting Over It, you must first log in to the AltStore with your Apple ID and password.

Login to AltStore with Apple Credentials

  • Getting Over It will be installed by AltStore in a short while.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What are the positives in Getting Over It?

• Fantastic premise
• enchanting, diverse music
• Playing with compelling physics
• A fascinating examination of the appeals of annoyance

Q - What are the drawbacks in Getting Over It?

• Incredibly challenging
• Simple visuals
• No saving; there is no recovery from failure.
• It may be intrusive to hear a designer wax lyrical.

Q - Latest version of Getting Over It- What is it?

The Updated version f Getting Over It is v1.05.

Q - Who is the Getting Over It app’s developer?

The Getting Over It app was developed by Bennett Foddy.


How may a game be created to avoid being used as standard sports entertainment? Games are made purely for fun, but are you capable of going above and beyond? Moving Even if it sounds like an audiobook, it is nevertheless unique. We have no idea when we’ll reach the highest peak. However, it would be beneficial to keep this game in mind if you ever face a crisis or disappointment as a result of a failure.

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